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The Art Of Filip Hodas Makes The Apocalypse Look Both Fun & Beautiful

The Art Of Filip Hodas Makes The Apocalypse Look Both Fun & Beautiful

Art soothes the soul, as the saying goes. And whoever created all this (let’s call it “The Artist”) sure knows we need some soothing nowadays! With life becoming faster and faster and the Internet plugging into our brains and feeding us instant pleasures, we’re quickly becoming impatient and unappreciative of the simple, concrete joys of life.

Well, speaking of concrete joys, the word concrete jungle comes to mind. One artist, known as Hoodass (real name Filip Hodas), had a pretty unique take on these two terms: concrete and jungle. In most of us, it evokes feelings of intense frustration and stress, seeing as we’re often “gazelles” trying to dodge urban “lions.” Be it your insufferable boss, that two-hour traffic jam that will cost you your job, or walking alone on a dark street at night, these concrete jungles are no fun.

Which is where the talented 3D Czech artist, Filip Hodas, comes in. Why not shake things up, he thought? You hate your concrete jungle? Well, let’s destroy it! But let’s also reclaim what it took away from us – the sense of gleeful FUN! So, combining apocalyptic destruction with pop culture icons, Hoodass has created images that make for one complex, cathartic cocktail of feelings. One could say it’s all tongue-in-cheek. But is it?

Here, meanings clash, and layers of interpretation stack one on top of the other. Is that image of a lichen-covered Bender truly apocalyptic, or ironic? It’s oddly fitting, seeing as Bender is one pretty destructive robot inhabiting a dystopian future. Are those huge LEGO cubes in fact buildings? But wait, aren’t all buildings LEGO cubes? What happens when a Space Invader really invades our space?

Well, scroll down and find out, because meaning is in the mind of the beholder. And if you like Filip’s art, you can follow him here:

Instagram | Prints | Behance (h/t: Demilked / boredpanda)

1. Bender got… bent?


2. Mario was here! A huge, destructive Mario.


3. Stepping on these won’t hurt.


4. Pac Man ate all the ghosts and got retired


5. If you think about it, all ancient ruins are basically Tetris.


6. Hello Kitty?


7. You think art is a game, boy?


8. Hey, what’s your microchip address?


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13. Tiiiimbeeeerrr!


14. Invading your space, human!


More info: Instagram | Prints | Behance (h/t: Demilked)
Source: boredpanda

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