This Artist’s 3D Tattoos Uncover Whole New Worlds Beneath People’s Skin

Tattoos are not a new thing. People have been using their bodies as a canvas for art for thousands of years, creating markings that symbolize bravery, love, and loyalty. They might have been symbols of social status or a pledge of allegiance, something that would always have a place on your skin.

Even though people still get tattoos which symbolize something, it’s usually because of their own desire to have a constant reminder of a loved one, to cherish a bond, or to keep a memory close. Or they could just get a tattoo for the mere fact that it’s pretty.

Lately, as technology is developing, tattoos have gotten more and more intricate and beautiful. Just as we’ve seen realistic and 3D art on canvas or paper, tattoo artists have been using their skills to create mind-blowing designs on people’s skin, using needles and paint.

Jesse Rix from New Hampshire is one of these talented artists whose work will leave you in awe. He specializes in 3D tattoos, using shadows and geometric shapes to create optical illusions and uncover whole new worlds under people’s skin.

Scroll down to see some of Jesse’s work:

1. It really looks as though you could grab it and pocket it!


2. Transforming into an extra-terrestrial being…


3. Here’s a reminder to live life because the clock is ticking…


4. Rectangles and eyes… no one say what you’re thinking!


5. Slowly coming undone – or being built-up?


6. You have a whole world inside you – one that’s a fighter!


7. Blood cells, bee cells, prison cells?


8. A mandala represents the entire universe!


9. Perhaps because we all have a universe inside of us!


10. And it’s just waiting to be let out and take on the world!


11. And we all have a little “evil” inside of us…


12. But it’s mostly over-taken by the beauty!


13. And memories of places and times gone by…

3d tattoos


14. And though we might sometimes feel like all we have is a bottomless void…

3d tattoos


15. It’s actually a universe.

3d tattoos


16. A beautiful, beautiful universe!

3d tattoos

For even more of his work, check out his Instagram account.


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