Artist Captures The Essence Of Love In Adorable Illustrations

You don’t need grand gestures to show someone you love them. Love is in the small, everyday kind of things. It’s about moments that you may think are unnoticeable and forgettable at first, but they nestle in the very depths of your heart and breathe life and strength into the love that’s already there. These seemingly mundane moments between two souls are what artist Lynn Choi manages to capture perfectly in her drawings. The Auckland, New Zealand-based, Korean-born illustrator manages to convert the very essence of love into art. Here are a few of her unforgettable sketches, courtesy of 9gag.

1. Cuddled up in front of the TV is the recipe for a perfect evening


2. That feeling when you wake up to find that he’s cooking for you


3. No bad dreams can ever reach you when you’re in his arms


4. When he knows you’re far too busy drawing to be able to feed yourself


5. Love is in the smallest of gestures


6. You need nothing but each other to have a blast


7. No pillow is more comfortable than your partner’s shoulder


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Source: 9gag

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