Artist Illustrates Digital Drawings That Capture True Love In Everyday Moments

People since old times tried to define what genuine love really is. Some even mix it with infatuation, lust or only a desperate desire to be with someone. The last ones might become possessive, untrue and not truly felt and it would be wrong to label such a feeling as love. Now, science tells us that true love does exist and our potential partner is not only one ‘soulmate’ in the entire world like many people tend to believe. In fact, that can be anybody who accepts you as you are, makes you laugh, enjoys the time with you and simply makes you feel better. Beyond the mental and physical borders, true love becomes also a biological bond. Spending time with that person tends to increase the happiness hormones in our body.

To cherish these moments of true love, the concept artist and illustrator Lynn Choi created some charming digital drawings. These drawings portray everyday experiences of couples in love and are so endearing to go through them. Whether it is preparing the breakfast together or watching a movie in each other’s arms, this artist knows how to hit right in the feels.

Scroll down for a collection of some of our favorite drawings and don’t forget to let us know which ones you like the best.


1. “You have to go against the odds to get there.”


2. “Love is just a word until someone arrives to give it meaning.”


3. “Love’s reasons without reason.”

Digital Drawings Of Love


4. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

Digital Drawings Of Love


5. “True love stories have never endings.”


6. “For a few seconds they looked silently into each other’s eyes, and the distant and the impossible suddenly became near, possible and inevitable.”

Digital Drawings Of Love

We witnessed some adorable couple drawings about the daily domestic adventures of a couple in love!

These relationship drawings deserve to be popular as the illustrator perfectly portrays the little things in a relationship that every couple in love will understand.

If you want to learn more about this artist’s works you can be one of the 102k followers on his Instagram profile. Most of the drawings are dedicated to the family bonds and depiction of romantic love. Besides, not only the illustrations are relatable but also funny in a lovely way.

Remember, there where is love – is understanding and compassion, and this artist doesn’t fail to let us know about it!


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