Artist Recreates Her Favorite Songs Into Iconic Paintings

Have you ever wondered how you would describe red color to a blind person or a beautiful song to a deaf person? Well, you might say ‘I might start talking about love and roses and hearts as all of these remind me of red’ and it’s all right. Whereas about the song part, odds are that music can conjure up some ‘images’ on our beautiful minds, am I right? But deaf people are unable to hear it, so we would be thinking on other ways and ideas to explain it to them.

The Missouri-based artist Melissa McCracken suffers from ‘Synesthesia’ and ‘people with synesthesia experience unique perceptual cross-overs, such as associating letters or sounds to colors‘. Therefore due to her condition, the talented artist is breaking the barriers between sounds and paintings because she can paint abstract concepts such as music, the tunes of your favorite album into the canvas. Yes, you heard me right, see below some of the iconic songs McCracken painted as pictures:


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1. Imagine By John Lenon



2. Tonight, tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins



3. Joy in repetition by Prince



4. Life on Mars by David Bowie



5. Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix


6. Since I’ve been loving you by Led Zeppelin



7. Gravity by John Mayer



8. Lucky by Radiohead



9. Flip by Glass Animals



10. Interlude II by Soulive



11. Callow by Airhead


12. Karma Police by Radiohead


13. All I need by Radiohead


14. Boy with a coin by Radiohead


15. Time by Pink Floyd


16. Julia by John Lennon

 Artist Recreates Songs


17. Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan

 Artist Recreates Songs



18. For Emma, long ago by Bon Iver

 Artist Recreates Songs


19. Cello suite no. 1 by Bach

 Artist Recreates Songs

Source: Melissamccrack

The symphony of textures and colors McCracken painted into the canvas, are the results of the music tracks she heard. However, let’s conclude with the words of the ecologist and sound artists Bernie Krause:

“While a picture might be worth a thousand words, a soundscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

So, did this artist paint any of your favorite songs? Let us know in the comments section below. As for me, I just experienced as a visual one of my favorite songs – Imagine by John Lenon.


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