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This Artist Turns Her Hair Into Jaw-Dropping Shapes

This Artist Turns Her Hair Into Jaw-Dropping Shapes

It’s a well-known fact that art provides us the opportunity to explore our inner inspirations and people are doing just this. Artists all over the world are using various ways to express their artistic views. This is why contemporary art is fascinating us every day, be it expressed in paintings, fashion, DIY projects, or hairstyles.

Take Laetitia KY, a young fashion designer from the Ivory Coast who is sculpting her hair in different shapes, in a one-of-a-kind form. From bunny ears to human hands and even everyday objects, KY creates some of the most intricate shapes with her hair. According to BoredPanda KY was inspired for her impressive hairstyles from the hair of women in African tribes.

Laetitia KY is only 22-year-old, comes from Ivory Coast and has more than 167k followers on Instagram. She uses her own curly hair for her creations but also hair extensions. She also uses needle, fabric, thread, and wool from time to time. It takes her 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete a hairstyle according to what she told Allure.

However, she uses her hairstyle for a powerful purpose too. She’s an activist and tries to spread awareness with her creations. One of her creations spreads awareness for gun violence and the other does about #MeToo movement, that was started by victims of sexual harassment.

Read on to see some of her best works:

1. Bear figure


2. Middle finger figure


3. Wings figure

4. Bulb figure


5. Palm figure


6. Hat & Glasses figure


7. Curves figure


8. “I Love You” sign figure


9. Playing with dog figure


10. A loving moment figure


11. Pouring coffee figure


12. Duck figure


13. Horse figure


See Also

14. Makeup figure


15. Snake figure


16. Angel and Devil figure


17. Blow dryer figure


18. Hands figure

 Artist Turns Her Hair Into Gestures


19. Armpit hair figure

 Artist Turns Her Hair Into Gestures

In an interview for Metro she said:

‘What I really am hoping for from this project is to incite people around me to be themselves, and not to be afraid to express themselves. We shouldn’t let the fear of negative feedback stopping our creativity because there isn’t anything as nurturing as being oneself.

Did you like her work? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below, we’ll be reading them. To see more of her work go to her Instagram or Facebook.

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