‘DIY Plastic Surgery’: Asian Beauty Trend That Uses Wax And Tape To Transform Faces

When people speak about using professional wax for their facial features I would right away think about some Halloween looks that were so trendy this last October. Well, yes, but there’s something more!

And If I told you using prosthetics for facial features is a thing in Asia, would you believe me?

It turns out that so it is – as many women in Asia are using wax and duct tape for their makeup, and their transformation is.. well as one can assume – completely unrecognizable!

The American beauty YouTuber Promise Tamang shared a video recreating this look ‘Asian look’, on which she said it is famous especially on China.

Follow me below:


1. Before

2. After

See the reversed video yourself:

Promise spoke about this trend on a Youtube video saying:

They go from zero to 100 real quick. The little secret is that it’s 80 percent makeup and the rest is basically really fancy apps and filters.

The beauty blogger said that using duct tape on her jawline was ‘extremely uncomfortable’

In the video, we can see her removing the prosthetic wax from her nose. Her skin looks lighter and she explained that to appear like it, she used primer mixed with sunscreen products.

She did not only amplify her jawline using wax, but she also used double eyelid and create a temporary eyelid crease. Then she also put wax on the ridge of her nose, which she said it recreates the illusion of looking skinner and put on contact lenses.

Less of her face remains natural now, her jawline takes more of a V-shape and she looks completely a different person than that ‘underneath’ face she started with!

Asian Beauty Trend That Uses Wax And Tape

By the end of the video she also said:

My face looks like an alien now, it’s so tiny and my eyes look so big. I look like a doll and kind of like an ant too,’ and she also said that the look tends to achieve a ‘V-shaped jawline, the taut nose and the big bright eyes’

Asian Beauty Trend That Uses Wax And Tape

Well, this looks fun to try but to be honest, it doesn’t seem to be a makeup that one would do every day!

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Source: Dailymail