Australian Twins Admit They Both Want To Get Pregnant By Their Shared Boyfriend

Self-described as ‘the world’s most identical twins,’ these two sisters want to get pregnant by the boyfriend they both share. The pair admitted that they would marry him if the law would allow it.

The sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque made their announcement when they spoke on an Australian morning show last month. They confirmed to Fox News that their boyfriend, Ben Byrne, is ‘very happy’ with the aforementioned plan.


On the 3rd of December, the 33-year-old twins, initially, appeared on the show to discuss their decision to shun plastic surgery even though they have gone through such procedures in the past. However, they, later on, proceeded to talk about how they were planning on marrying their shared boyfriend. One of the women said:

If we can change the law in the government, we’d love to marry Ben. 

The other sister added:

This is what works for us. People need to get that. We’re not hurting anyone.


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Talking about their boyfriend getting them pregnant, one of them said:

Our mom is actually convincing us to go naturally, give birth naturally, so I don’t know how that’s going to work [because] we need to be pregnant at the same time.


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They admitted before that they both want to get pregnant by Byrne in a video they posted on YouTube in 2017. However, as Yahoo! Lifestyle reported, they were considering using a surrogate of IVF treatments. “We know that’s where nature comes in,” said Lucy. “We can’t control these things.”


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Source: Foxnews