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Australian Woman Who Has Trouble Getting A Date, Is Told To ‘Dumb Down And Dress Dowdy’ To Get A Guy

Australian Woman Who Has Trouble Getting A Date, Is Told To ‘Dumb Down And Dress Dowdy’ To Get A Guy

One woman from Melbourne, Australia, called Peta Serras, is an award-winning Pilates instructor, writer, and model. Additionally, Peta runs her own website, and one would assume that she has her life together. However, one area that the multi-talented beauty is less successful in is dating.

Writing for ‘She Said’, the 30-year-old woman revealed that she has been told to dumb herself down, put more conservative photos on her dating profile and even ‘dress dowdy’ to attract the attention of men. All because she looks too attractive, too accomplished, and too ambitious. Like there is such a thing.

After a number of break-ups and disappointments, Peta took to reading relationship advice articles for answers about her ‘cursed dating life’.

She said:

I stumbled across an article… about the ‘male brain’ and how guys see situations compared to women.

The feature declared that men only want to date women who make them feel good about themselves and boost their ego. *cringing*

Of course, she was confused to learn that being romantically involved with women with significant career successes could prompt feelings of insecurity in men.

This revelation made her  ‘sad and perplexed’ and triggered the realization that her dating lows had something to do with her professional success.

She also revealed that a number of male friends advised her that she was ‘too intimidating’ to men both in looks and career achievements. Other dating guidance included changing her name on her online profile to avoid people Googling her name and discovering her modeling portfolio.

When she finally gave in to the dating advice and altered her profile, Peta discovered that she was attracting men she was completely incompatible with and experienced an epiphany.

Peta explained:

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This wasn’t really my problem – it was theirs, and if a man was genuinely turned off by my ambition and desire to take care of my appearance then he clearly wasn’t the right guy for me.

Although she acknowledged the fact that her achievements and beauty might ‘turn-off’ some men, she said that doesn’t really need a significant other to bolster her self-esteem.

She added:

I know I’m an attractive woman – I feel confident to walk away from situations and men that don’t serve me and to give feedback if they do something I don’t like.

Strong women intimidate boys and excite men, and that’s what I’m after.


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