Teen With Autism Who Rarely Speaks Gives Inspirational Graduation Speech

We should look inside other people’s experience to gain a different perspective of the world around us.

For every parent, seeing their kid graduate is the ultimate feeling of pride for their children’s achievement. From my personal point of view, being a special education teacher, this speech of Sef Scott, from Frisco, Texas, gave me goosebumps. The mind is such a beautiful universe.


Source: Fox News


Scott, a young gentleman who has autism most of the time chooses to remain silent, but made an exception when he delivered an awe-inspiring graduation speech at Plano Senior High School.


Sef, during his “unexpected” speech ceremony.
Plano Independent Scott District/Facebook


“Unexpected. That is what I want you to remember. Unexpected,” Scott said as he began his six minute speech on the microphone.

He, then, proceeded:

“First and foremost, I would imagine that to the seniors that know who I am, this is entirely unexpected that I would be standing here giving this speech”

“Let me briefly explain this unexpected choice of speaker. My name is Sef Scott and I am a student with learning differences,” “To be more specific, I have autism and a social communication disorder.”

Because of his autism he has trouble expressing himself, he reminded the roused crowd he does have the same vocabulary as his classmates.



Scott said he crafted his speech with the help of his family after he became inspired by his nine-year-old brother, a brain tumor survivor who often makes speeches to raise money for charity.

While Scott shared jokes throughout his speech, “Yes, I have autism, but I am also a smart alec. Unexpected, right?”

He encouraged his classmates and the thousands of guests to go out of their comfort zone, be kind, and follow their dreams.

Scott said:

“You can glimpse unexpected moments throughout your everyday life that can benefit those around you with very little effort from your part.” 


Plano Independent School District/Facebook

He added:

“Don’t follow someone else’s dreams. Don’t waste time on something you never wanted. Do the unexpected. It is your life that you are living, not someone else’s so do what fulfills you.”

In the speech, Sef encourages his friends to do follow his example and do the unexpected, whether it’s little things, like giving a gift to a stranger or bigger things like changing the entire course of your life.

Sef concluded his speech by saying:

“Be unexpected like me, do the unexpected for the benefit of others, live the expected for your own happiness. Congratulations to the Plano Senior High School graduating class of 2018. Best wishes to you all.”

As he stepped down from the podium, the Frisco spectators several of whom were in tears, jumped on their feet so they can give a standing ovation, soulful I know.

As would Temple Grandin say: “The World needs all kind of minds.”

See and feel the heartening speech for yourself.

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