15 Awful DIY Ideas That Shouldn’t Even Exist

The Internet is full of brilliant crafting ideas. For people who love working with their hands, DIY projects are the best way to express their creativity. Besides, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment coming from building something out of nothing. And for this kind of people, Pinterest is what you might call heaven online.

But for every brilliant idea that makes its way through the world wide web and onto your computer screen, there are dozens of completely crazy, and utterly useless suggestions, made perhaps in jest, perhaps in earnest. Take these “life hacks” for example: nothing good can come out them, and yet there they are. The same goes for this list of DIY ideas, compiled by Diply. They’re so awful, that it’s difficult to imagine why anyone would consider them worthy of being shared with the world. But they are good for one thing, I’ll give them that: they’re excellent for making you laugh with the sheer absurdity of their existence.

1. Dinosaur heels

I can only think of one person in the world who would want to wear dinosaur shoes and that’s Ross Geller. Too bad he doesn’t wear heels.


Source: I Waste So Much Time

2. Last-minute dinner mints

This is a wonderful idea! Save a lot of money by serving these and making sure no-one ever comes to your parties ever again!


Source: Imgur | pleasedonttaptheglass

3. Paint chip place settings

Because setting a table with repurposed paint chips is so much classier than just putting the cutlery on a napkin.


Source: Sew Many Ways

4. Pallet shoe rack

You seem to have mistaken a pallet with a shoe rack. Don’t worry, it’s quite a common mistake – it could happen to anyone!


Source: Imgur | tameerchanna

5. Band-aid treats

Oh, come on! Eating bloody band aids? The vampire craze is so ten years ago!


Source: Katherine Marie

6. Denim slippers

Oh dear. And I though the vampire lover above was behind times… Denim, really? We’re not in the early 2000s anymore!


Source: Recycled Lovelies

7. DIY Foods

And yet how is one expected to keep up with the times when people come up with weird random stuff like this? Whoever woke up one morning and thought: “Hmmm… How about we start saying ‘DIY foods’ instead of ‘cooking’? How innovative is that?”?


Source: Reddit | adboio

8. Babydoll coat rack

Dolls are creepy at the best of times but dismembered doll limbs as coat hangers has got to be one of the freakiest ideas ever.


Source: Design Sponge

9. Wearable pizza pouch

Gone are the days when you had to go somewhere without carrying life-sustaining essentials around with you! Now with this amazing pizza pouch, you can enjoy the comfort of having easy access to food as well as look incredibly stylish at the same time!


Source: Reddit | ZaratexD

10. Peach pit necklace

Waste naught! Perhaps you can’t eat the peach pit, but you can still use it! And why splurge on jewelry when you can make your own out of garbage? For the best effect, make sure to complement this wonderful necklace with earrings made of cherry pits!


Source: Activity Village

11. Outdoor deodorant string lights

This is actually acceptable. No, not because it looks good. How could a string of deodorants look good in your garden? No, it’s because this project is a joke. Well, all the projects on this lists are a joke, but this one was actually meant to be one.


Source: Honestly WTF

12. Zipper headband

This one is for those who like living on the edge. What is more exciting than risking excruciating pain by getting your hair entangled in the zipper teeth every time you wear that contraption?


Source: Stars For Streetlights

13. Crochet egg basket

Look, the basket is kinda cute. I could understand using it for displaying your Easter eggs, not for regular eggs like these in the photo. However, the flimsy crocheted bottom will probably make it impossible, or at least very difficult, to move it when it’s full. So, for its lack of practicality, out of ten, I would give it a two.


Source: Etsy | PnAPatterns

14. Makeshift blender

Again with the unnecessary risks! What are the odds that you will remember to sanitize the scissors and that you won’t damage the drill? Buying a hand mixer is much cheaper than a new drill!


Source: Instagram | @mybestlifehacks | Instagram | @genesistv_official

15. No-knit scarf

What do you do when you’re into crafting, but you can’t actually be bothered to craft? You create this thing, obviously! It requires no knitting and almost no effort, and as an added bonus you will also look very silly!


Source: Honestly WTF

People will never cease to amaze… What will they come up with next?

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