16 Hilariously Awkward Christmas Family Portraits

Christmas is almost here! Holiday season is definitely the best time of the year! The decorations, the gifts, the food; what’s not to love about it? But the best part of the whole thing are the family portraits, no doubt about it.

It’s difficult to decide what this year’s group photo should look like. There are so many things to choose! The setting, the clothes, the pose, and whether or not to include Santa are just several of the tough decisions one has to make during this process. So, naturally, with so many variables, things are bound to go horribly wrong at some point. And when I say wrong, I mean absolutely hilarious. Check out these 16 pics, courtesy of Diply, of people who nailed (more like failed) their Christmas family portraits.

1. This little kid is terrified, but he’s also ready to stand his ground and fight off the menace that is Santa Claus!


Source: Instagram | @derekmathernetattoo

2. It’s so frustrating when your buddy keeps getting distracted and you’re sitting there ready and waiting for the photo to be taken


Source: Instagram | @fimorley5

3. *Yawn* Santa is bored of your squealing baby. Next!


Source: Awkward Family Photos | Angie

4. This is exactly why it’s so awesome to have a huge family


Source: 365 Greetings

5. That is super weird and a little disturbing… Hope they’re just recreating a childhood photo…


Source: Bobbie Photo

6. That little girl looks like she’s… up to something… that may just get her on the naughty list


Source: Instagram | @justplainmomish

7. That’s it. The gift of socks has been bestowed upon her and she’s officially a grown up now.


Source: Awkward Family Photos | Suzy

8. This is the least Christmassy Christmas photo ever. Not one of them looks the least bit happy about having it taken…


Source: Runt of the Web

9. Umm, Grandma? There’s something weird on your head…


Source: Runt of the Web

10. The cat is seriously not impressed with that silly hat. It’s downright miserable! The cat, not the hat. Although…


Source: Instagram | @valerietylerphotography

11. When you’re trying to take a photo, but a strong gust of wind suddenly appears inside your house…


Source: Imgur

12. Can’t wait to see their faces when they find out the labels on the boxes actually weren’t lying!


Source: Reddit | JetFalco

13. Even if your mother is still babying you, you’re not really a baby, Dad, what are you doing?


Source: Reddit | stopscopiesme

14. You do realize that you need a harness for that to work, right? Silly…


Source: Reddit | spurscar

15. A little sister is not what I wanted for Christmas!


Source: Instagram | @ashlepage

16. When your wife looks like a dog but the mailman is still your baby’s daddy


Source: Smosh | Awkward Family Photos
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