10 Awkward-Worthy Moments During The 2019 Grammy Awards

The GRAMMY Awards are all fun and games until something awkward happens and then… they proceed to be fun! I mean, anything can happen on live TV, and with so many celebs and spontaneous interviews and speeches going on – well, anything can happen. With all the delight that the Grammy Awards ceremony has given us, it has sure found a way to make us share a laugh or two, or even cringe at particular moments.

Scroll below to see a compilation of some of the most awkward-worthy moments during the 2019 Grammys. Let us know if you have any additions in the comments section below.


1. Ryan Seacrest and Charlie Ruth’s red carpet interview

Charlie did seem a bit… bored or better say, the interview went a bit monotonously. People on Twitter sort of agreed with the issue, claiming it might have been Ryan’s fault. Hmm…

2. When Ryan’s interviewed Bebe Rexha

Since Bebe Rexha made it pretty obvious before the ceremony that designers wouldn’t dress her due to her size, it was pretty much expected that interviewers would ask her who actually took on the job. Well, seems like Ryan forgot to ask her about the one info everyone was so interested in!

She wore a Monsoori gown and absolutely rocked her moment, to be honest!

awkward moments Grammy awards


3. When Lady Gaga called out Ryan

When Ryan made a statement and simply pointed the mic to Gaga without asking any question… #happens

4. Kylie and Travis walked the red carpet late

The couple walked the red carpet after the interviews and all that was over! But they did appear looking glam.

awkward moments Grammy awards
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)[Getty]

5. The Alicia Keys/John Mayer presentation

When the production guy photobombed the shot, and then when John and Alicia had that very confusing moment as to ‘which way do we exit’.


6. Alicia accidentally called someone a Mongol

So, instead of calling Clarence Avant a mogul, Alicia accidentally called him a ‘Mongol’. Awk!


7. When they misspelled Kacey Musgraves’ name

They wrote it ‘Kasey’, instead of ‘Kacey’ in one of the opening graphics.

8. Cardi B and her diamonds

While she was performing “Money,” her diamond necklace popped off.

9. Drake’s speech getting cut off

He won Best Rap Performance, and while giving a speech about how people don’t really need awards – he got cut off.

10. Lady Gaga’s performance

Well, people sort of had mixed feelings about Lady Gaga’s performance…


So, any additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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