12+ Times Babies Looked Unbelievably Like Old People

Babies are heartbreakingly adorable, say what you will. I read somewhere that the reason we find babes, and other young animals like puppies, so cute is because we’ve been conditioned to do so through evolution. Babies need to be taken care of, and their big eyes and chubby cheeks and overall helplessness elicits in us a need to protect and care.

But you can’t deny that cute as they may be, babies, especially newborn babies, have a tendency to look quite humorous at times. But something it may not cross your mind that a newborn baby can look like is old. Right?

How can a baby look old? You’d be forgiven to be skeptical over it, but it happens more often than you’d think, apparently. So, scroll down to see a list of times when babies looked way, way older than their age.

1. This two-day-old little girl looks just like the grumpy old man yelling at kids from his window that’s on every neighborhood.

Source: theycallmesomething


2. This toddler who is basically Danny Devito’s doppelganger.

Source: pangitlee


3. And this one who is Gordon Ramsay’s doppelganger…

Source: Claire8ball


4. This baby who is channeling his inner Gandalf The White.

Source: Kale21


5. And this newborn who looks just like my mom did when dealing with me in high school…

Source: mini-jeckyl


6. This kid who reminds me of Carl from “Up.”

Source: bananasownapple


7. The flannel and overalls really bring home the “grandpa” look.

Source: ericah1357


8. So young, and already so full of rage.

Source: Arayvenn


9. Is this an elf from a fantasy novel?

Source: snagdip


10. The look my best friend gives me when I tell her I’m finally done with him.

Source: biglondon_


11. A (cute) wrinkly potato.

Source: rastacola


12. He looks like an old millionaire, inviting you to, please, come on in his mansion.

Source: RobinGuion7


13. And he said what?

Source: ericah1357


14. This is how I look at everyone within the first few minutes (well, okay, hours) of waking up.

Source: TeabagMcBallgoggles


15. When you’ve had a few beers down at the bar and everything is funny.

Source: ihavethisweirdcakeaddiction


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