Meet Coco – The Newborn Ray Of Hope To The Endangered West African Chimpanzee

Hello everyone, I am about to share some news that, unless you’re completely heartless, won’t fail to brighten up our day.

A baby chimpanzee, known as the West African chimpanzee, was recently born at the Bioparc nature reserve in Valencia, eastern Spain. Why should this news brighten up your day? Well, other than the fact that the pictures of the cute little chimpanzee are downright adorable, the species is almost extinct, and this birth provides a ray of hope.


The newborn was named Coco, in honor of a chimpanzee who, before he passed away in 2005, had spent 27 years living in the Vivero Zoo in Valencia.

Coco’s arrival raises the number of the chimpanzees at the nature reserve to six. These numbers include four females between 15 and 28 years of age, as well as Coco’s parents, 30-year-old father Moreno, and 11-year-old mother Noelia, who you can see cuddling up and playing with their newborn son in the sweet video below.

According to the reserve’s staff, even though neither Moreno and Noelia have any previous parenting experience, they both appear to be loving parents and giving Coco “all the correct and necessary care.”

Coco’s arrival is a source of great joy for everyone at the conservation, with them describing him as:

“An icon of our commitment to the bio-diversity of the planet, not only with species which are in danger of extinction, but with all the animals we share our society with, and which we don’t always treat as we should.”

The reserve’s staff also added that Coco hasn’t had any difficulty integrating with all the other chimpanzees at the Bioparc, and his birth has actually had a good impact on them.


They described his birth as having “recreated the nature, harmony, and togetherness of the other members of the group.”

This type of chimpanzee is one of the two subspecies that are at the biggest risk of extinction. They’re on IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species and named as a ‘critically endangered’. Wild chimpanzees, according to IUCN, who are native to tropical Africa, have seen their numbers diminished by 60% in the past 30 years alone.

Which is why Coco’s birth is such a joyful event.

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Source: Unilad