The Baby From ‘The Hangover’ Is All Grown Up And Still Acting

Between 2009 and 2013, fans saw three parts of the amazing comedy movie The Hangover featuring an unforgettable bachelor party plot. A few friends travel to Las Vegas to have fun, but don’t remember what happened the morning after. With the groom missing, they can’t even make it to the wedding.

The story also featured Grant Holmquist, a cute baby Zach Galifianakis carries on his chest in the early part of the first film. Reality check almost a decade later? Grant is all grown up and looks as adorable nowadays!


Of course, actors can’t defy age, but it’s still weird when you see them all grown-up after a few years. You just expect them to be that little kid they played on the big screen.


Warner Bros. uploaded a cute snap of Grant Holmquist, the baby boy who starred in The Hangover. It looks like you can’t stop time after all!


The production company posted a shot of baby Carlos on their Instagram account. Isn’t he the most adorable kid on Earth? Take a look at how he shines in front of the camera!

“#BabyCarlos all grown up! Introducing the adorable #GrantHolmquist from #TheHangover Part III,” reads the caption.

Now compare him to the baby in the movie! How time flies!

The Hangover fans unsurprisingly lost their minds after the Instagram post, commenting and reviving memories.

“Not at the table Carlos,” said one fan.

Another commenter also quoted the film, writing: “Are you my real dad?” – Carlos “Yes” – Alan #Classic #H3.”

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Interestingly, the baby Carlos, or Tyler, which is his real name, was played by twins Avery and Grant Holmquist.

According to OK!, Grant is now eight years old, and is still a child actor! In case you don’t remember, he made a return in the third part of the movie, but only after an audition.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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