12+ Baby Names That Mean ‘Joy And Happiness’ For Your Baby Girl Or Boy

Don’t you love how joy comes in different ways, different shapes?! Yes, me too. To some, happiness is spending time with the ones they love, while to others, happiness is the small little moments, and, to some, happiness and joy is literally their name. Yup, you read that right. If your name has the meaning of joy and happiness behind it, there’s no way you’re escaping of it. Your name will chase you. You probably are so confused right now, but hold on, I’ll simplify it for you.

Look at what was said below this way. You and the one you are going to spend your life with just had a baby. And, through the long 9 months, you have been looking for names everywhere but, for some reason, you are so torn between different names and you can’t decide which one to choose. Well, what we suggest you do is pick something beautiful and original, opt for the feelings of joy and happiness.

Let us go through a list of baby names which will do for both, girls and boys. Thank us later!

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Baby Girl Names Meaning Happy Or Joy

1. Abigail:

The name Abigail means ‘my father is joyful.’ The reason why parents opt for the name Abigail is that parents are fond of the vintage charm. In the Old Testament, Abigail was David’s wife who was celebrated for her wisdom and prophetic powers.

2. Ada

The name Ada is taken from the Old German name Etta or Eda, which means “happy.” This name was first introduced in the 18th century.

3. Aida

For you who are fond of Arabic names, Aida will for sure do. The name means “happiness” and is associated with the lead character of Verdi Opera where an Ethiopian princess dies to save her native people.

4. Aine

The meaning behind the name Aine is “Happiness and Success.” The best thing about this Traditional Irish name is that not only it has a beautiful meaning, but the pronunciation and the spelling is also so good.

5. Alaia

Behind the name, Alaia stands the meaning “joyful and happy.” Alaia is one of the fastest rising girl names in the US.

6. Alair

Alair is the cheerful and uncommon form of Hilary and means ‘happy or cheerful.’

7. Alisa

The name Alisa sounds similar to the names Alyssa and Alicia, however, the meaning is completely different. Alisa means “great happiness” and is a Hebrew name.

8. Aliza

Aliza is a romantic sounding Jewish baby girl name, meaning ‘joyful’. Aliza is also the translation of the Yiddish name Freyde.

9. Allegra

In Italian, there is the adjective allegro which means “happy or jaunty” and the name Allegra is the feminine form.

10. Annabella

With the popularity of -ella and -belle names, we predict even Annabelle will rise up the list. Annabella’s American meaning is ‘joy’.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Happy Or Joy:

11. Anschel

Anschel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘happy’.

12. Asher

Asher is a Jewish name, which means ‘happy or fortunate’, was carried by one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible.

13. Bahjat

In Arabic, the name Bahjat means “happiness” since your baby will only spread love, it will totally suit him up.

14. Caius

We all are aware that Caius is a classic name and yet it is so simple and has the meaning of “joy.” It was the name of an early Christian writer and a third century Pope.

15. Cayo

This rare and rhythmic Spanish name, taken from the Roman family name Caius, would make a lovely pick for your son. It means ‘rejoice’.

16. Fane

Fane was used as a nickname for someone with a happy and cheerful personality, back in the Middle Ages.

17. Feliciano

Upbeat and energetic, Feliciano is Italian for Felix and means ‘happy or fortunate’.

18. Felix

This Latin name, meaning ‘happy or lucky’, has been used as a given name in Britain and everywhere else in Europe as a lucky omen.

19. Festus

In case you didn’t know, if you decide to name your son Festus, he will share the name with the third of Botswana President, Festus Mogae.

20. Nario

A cool alternative to Mario, Naro is an Italian word for ‘cheerful and happy’.

Hope you liked all the names of baby girls and boys. If you have any additions to the list, don’t hold back on sharing them with us. We will be reading, dears.

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Source: Momjunction