Eager Baby Seal Joins Navy ln Their Military Training Exercise

I will go ahead and file this under the oh-my-goodness-this-is-adorable section. I mean, I highly doubt that you will see something as cute as this baby seal that was enthusiastic enough to want to join the Navy. Come on, this tops everything.

So, the Navy has taken on a new recruit, and by the looks of it, he has just the right drive to do his fair share of patriotic duties.

This little lad takes to the sea like a literal pro, and not just that. He seems to have very strong and decent relationships with his fellow naval officers.

I mean sure, this recruit may be a seal, he may not be able to wear a uniform, but he is a soldier at heart. Eager to help, he keeps his two-legged brothers close to himself. Hats off to you, Mr. Seal.

War Office Productions have uploaded an adorable video to their Instagram page, with the caption “Show ‘em how it’s done.”

The footage shows a group of US Navy officers during their military exercises. And they are not alone… Flip-flopping beside them is this baby seal who couldn’t be more excited to join them.

War Office Productions

One person commented:

“Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? It’s like he wants to be just like you guys.”

Another said:

“Like little bro walking big brother to the bus stop.”

Moreover, there is a double meaning behind the term Navy Seal. With one we refer to the baby seal. And the other meaning is the abbreviation from The United States Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land Teams.

According to Seals World:

They are very curious too which is why they will follow boats to see what is going on aboard them. This is a great way for those people on these ships to get to see the seals up close in their natural environment.

Whereas Countryfile has explained:

Wild seals are very intelligent, curious and have good coordination, learning tricks easily in captivity.

They are highly curious and instinctively protective – there was even a case reported of a seal coming to the rescue of a drowning dog.

I knew they were intelligent species, but this tops everything. I mean, would you look at him?

baby seal joins navy
War Office Productions

Who would make a better swimming instructor? I mean, these naval officers are pretty lucky. Mr. Seal sounds like a very useful guy to have on board.

See the video for yourself and try not to melt:


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