Doo Doo Doo You Know ‘Baby Shark’ TV Show Is Coming To Netflix?

A YouTube sensation is here to dive into many screens. If you haven’t heard about “Baby Shark” yet, it’s a catchy children’s song about the family of shark and has taken the internet by storm and now it’s coming to Netflix.

The song has multiple variations, including the one produced by Pinkfong, an education brand within South Korean media startup SmartStudy. “Baby Shark” was released on November 25, 2015, and reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks running. Since then, it has garnered more than 2.1 billion views.

Even Ellen DeGeneres released her own version of the song on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, in September 2018. To continue with James Corden who performed a version of “Baby Shark” on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. Not to end with this, the catchy song was even performed on “The X Factor” in early December 2018 because it was requested by Simon Cowell’s four-year-old son Eric, to follow with Lithuania’s X- Factor, “Show X Faktorius”, performed by contestant Lukas Zazeckis.

However, it seems like we are not doo-doo-done with ‘Baby Shark’ yet! This YouTube sensation is swimming its way to even more screens now. This catchy children’s song has taken the internet by storm and now is coming to Netflix.

Baby Shark TV Show Netflix
Image Source: PinkFong

South Korean company “Pinkfong” has partnered with Netflix to release short, kid-friendly “baby shark” videos this year. According to Bloomberg, Pinkfong is planning has even “signed various merchandising deals, may also develop games that work with Inc.’s Alexa and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home voice assistants.” 

It looks like you can’t really beat this song, so if you’re not going to cancel your Netflix subscription, it’s time for all the Mommy, Daddy, Granma, and Grandpa sharks out there to finally join them.


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