Dislike Towards Peas Makes This Baby Utter Her Very First Words

The sweet glory of hearing your child utter their first words! (Not that I know, but I imagine it must be special).

I do believe there’s a unique excitement in hearing your child say their first words. I mean, most would expect the word to be something like ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, or… ‘toys’, ‘balloon’, or ‘come here’. I don’t know. But, probably something very common that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

However, time after time, it so happens that we hear little children have uttered something strangely unique and well… our favorite cases are when they say something funny.

Parents to a six-month-old baby have shared a video of their little one as the cutie says her first words. The pair were feeding their baby vegetables for the first time and they were recording her reaction to peas.

Source: Jomantgixxer

After scooping a spoon of smushed peas into the baby’s mouth, it’s evident that the child does. not. fancy. peas. You can see it all over her face. However, the parents try for another spoonful.

After trying the other spoonful, and sending away another one she simply slaps the table and utters what seems to be “I done”.

We can hear in the video as the parents burst to laughter, and persist in giving her more of this healthy nourishment. The baby further begins to give in and taste the peas again, but the expression on her face says it all.

SAME BABY. SAME. But you do have to eat your vegetables. Mom and dad know what’s best for you. Trust me, I’ve been there. Although I might not remember but I’m pretty sure I’ve been a baby struggling to eat my vegetables at some point in my life.

Such a chubby-cheeked cutie!


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