This Is Why Babysitters Should Never Accept Sleeping Children

Reading the title of this story, you probably thought that the reason you should not accept sleeping children is that they might panic when they wake up and see themselves with unfamiliar people, right? Wrong. Far from it actually. The truth is much darker and scarier than it might seem at first. Many of us tend to hire babysitters when we are too busy to take care of our children, and many parents have strict policies that babysitters have to follow through.

Well, this internet user under the name of Twatermellon explained how her old daycare center had many strict policies as well. One of them states that no kid should be asleep when they take them in. Waking up a child from their deep sleep seems rude, but bear with me as they have a perfectly good reason for it. Scroll down to see what this strict policy is all about:

babysitter sleeping children
Via Ryan Polei

Although a lot of parents would get angry with this one rule, there’s a very good logic behind it:

And the reason is far from innocent as we initially thought.

Looks like the Grandma just wanted to blame the sitter.

And this is not the first time this has happened either.

Via James Schwartz

Grandma used to do this all the time.

In my opinion, every daycare center and babysitter should adhere to this policy.

Fortunately, the baby was saved, but not everyone might be this lucky.

Amid hearing this, people started to express their opinions regarding this policy.

babysitter sleeping children

As it turns out, not so many people know about this.

babysitter sleeping children

Thankfully we know now.

babysitter sleeping children


Did you know about this? Do you think everyone should follow this policy? Let us know in the comments below.


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