12 Product Designs Which We Can All Probably Do Without


There are cases where you see a piece of furniture, or a utensil or just another random everyday object but that’s so well designed that you’re just in awe of the designer’s ideas. I mean who would have thought to do a sink on top of a toilet tank so there’s less wasted water? Or a mechanism which shows you just how full a train is before you board it? (These people have!). It’s just random things you really didn’t think would make your life easier until you come across them.

But at the same time, product design can really go in the opposite direction, and something that is supposed to make your life easier just brings a whole lot more confusion and obstacles. Or, to put it mildly, it looks less than appealing – which putting it plainly means it looks really, really ugly… (I mean, goat hair slippers? Jeans which are designed to look like they have a built-in thong? And who even needs a golden toilet?!)

Yes, some product designs can go pretty wrong. Scroll down to see 12 of them.

1. Some things you just shouldn’t DIY…

Source: © IrishBarBalm


2. What do you mean you’re not sure which is the ladies room?

Source: © IrishBarBalm


3. I hear this is gonna be all the rage in 2019.

Source: © AcidCow


4. Dream wedding dress. Looks just like Beyonce’s…

Source: © Sham Sincere Lewis


5. This isn’t really what I meant by baby macaroons…

Source: © Probono_Bonobo / reddit


6. DIY flip flops for when you’re in a pinch.

Source: © dake / imgur


7. This is all the love and support you’re ever gonna need…

Source: © kickstarter


8. Buy this shirt for your boyfriend if you want him to break up with you…

Source: © sunsey91 / pikabu


9. I found a new pair of shoes that would look so cute with my jeans!

Source: © thotfulvisions / twitter


10. Actual goat hair slippers… For £1,230!bad product designs

Source: © getinthesea / twitter

11. Snakeskin boots… literally?

bad product designs
Source: © Oda_nicullah / reddit


12. Is this what royal family bathrooms look like?

bad product designs
Source: © Unknown author / imgur

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