If You Don’t Have A Thigh Gap, Bandelettes Are The Perfect Solution For You

There are various trends that come and go but some beauty standards never change. The last few years especially, people seem to have a thing for the thigh gap. Fine for those who have it but why should I feel bad for not having this space between my legs? Do I need that to make me feel beautiful?

Of course not and apparently for those who have a problem on that area while walking, there’s a perfect solution that will let you see what it’s like, if you really want to have this… thing.

Bandelettes! Even though they might look a little weird at first, they are very practical.

Bandelettes 1

The bandelettes are helping a lot of women out there who don’t have a gap between their legs. And these are women of all shapes and sizes. And this is why: the design is great, the silicone bands keep them from slipping and they eliminate the need for shorts or other layers.

Bandelettes 2

According to the creators Julia Abasova and Renea Abramoff who spoke on the subject for Insider, Julia claims: “We wanted something functional and sexy looking.”

Renea then states:” Our bands are just covering the area where women have a problem.”

thigh 3

Pretty amazing and comfortable right? Models rocked them in NYFW too and they come at the price of $14.99 a pair.

Julia also thinks that this thigh chafing problem was a secret in the fashion world because it was never publicly discussed.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite color and walk the streets like they’re a runway.

From: Diply