Kid Notices There’s A Hidden Bear In The Toblerone Mountain Logo

It’s happened to the best of us – completely overlooking something which appears to be obvious after you realize it’s there. A “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” type of thing.

This late December, it happened to a woman named Stephanie, and consequently, the rest of us, after she gave her son his first bar of Toblerone chocolate.

The nine-year-old boy, upon seeing the packaging, noticed something that has escaped a lot of people, the mother included: there is a bear standing on its hind legs on the mountain!

bear in toblerone logo

The mother then took to Twitter to share her son’s revelation, writing:

“My son had his first Toblerone today. ‘What’s the bear for?

“Me: ‘what bear?”

“I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear in the Toblerone logo.”

bear in toblerone logo

The bear is incorporated into the mountain design, which was inspired by the Matterhorn Mountain. The chocolate’s origin is from Bern, Switzerland, and the bear is a nod to the city, as Bern is also known as the ‘City of Bears’.

Something that Stephanie wrote pointed out as well, tweeting: “Toblerone comes from Bern, Switzerland. Also known as the city of bears. 🐻 🇨🇭

Her tweet quickly took on, garnering thousands of likes, retweets, and replies of people just as shocked as she was. One person wrote, “Eating them for 50 years never noticed that, your lads a genius. in my defense, the wrapper is the last thing I’m thinking about when I get one.”

Well, Paul, we can all relate to that…

“I just blurted out, ‘Did anyone know about the Toblerone bear?’ And my son replied without raising his head, ‘The one in the mountain? What about it?’,” another mother wrote, adding: “They know things.”

It sure looks like it…

While yet another admitted that he’d been eating Toblerone for 50 years now, and it was only after her son noticed the bear that he did too.

After all the attention he tweet got, Stephanie followed it up with another one, this time expressing gratitude that the attention wasn’t coming from another aspect of her story.

“I’m really glad the Toblerone tweet attention came from the logo and not the fact that my son went 10 Christmases before trying one,” she wrote.

Well, now that you mention it…


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Source: Dailymail