To Beard Or Not To Beard? What Does Your Choice Of Facial Hair Say About You

Making assumptions about people based only on the way they look is not the done thing. And yet every single aspect of their appearance holds meaningful secrets as to their personalities. We have already talked about what the shape of your nose, forehead, and body, the color of your eyes, and even your blood type can reveal about your character. Now it’s time to tackle the next body part. Beards!


The way men style their beards can say a lot about their personal tastes, how they perceive themselves, and how they want to be perceived by others. Here are the 10 most common beard styles and their hidden meanings, courtesy of Meaww.


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1. Full Beard


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Sporting a full beard makes you look more mature. It’s a natural look that brings out your sexy side without forcing it. Men with full beards appear to be more confident and more intellectual, and this is definitely a huge turn-on for a lot of women who appreciate partners with complex personalities.

2. Ducktail


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The ducktail looks almost identical to the full beard except it is more pointed at the chin – the pointed tip immediately attracts attention. It makes you look sexy, projecting a juxtaposition of classic looks and modern thoughts. This look basically says you’re smart and sharp, with a killer sense of humor. The ducktail just screams sophistication.

3. Extended goatee


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This one represents a youthful, vibrant, and smooth personality, but it may also signify the presence of commitment issues – it’s like you wanted a beard, but you didn’t go all the way to get one. The extended goatee emphasizes one’s more casual side – you are probably one of the most easy-going people in the world. This kind of facial hair makes you very sexy, as the youthful charm and the allure of maturity are a nearly irresistible combination.

4. Zappa


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This one is a classic! It’s been trendy for years now! It’s simple and low-maintenance and it still makes you look very macho. It means you are a straightforward person who doesn’t waste time on nonsense. Men who go for the Zappa are usually very confident in their own sexuality and cool and simple is just how they like things.

5. Verdi


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Not everyone can pull off a Verdi! You need quite the regal attitude if you’re to do this facial hair justice! Sporting that mustache ever so slightly elevated at the tips makes you look full of self-confidence and maybe even a tad arrogant. It means you are a very independent and somewhat haughty individual, which, of course, makes you quite attractive.

6. Circle beard


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The circle beard, being smooth, simple, and low-maintenance, shows off your softer side and brings your sensitivity to the front. It’s a good combination of macho and cool, which is why artists often go for it. It might signify you’re a bit on the old-fashioned side, but it also reveals that your thoughts are definitely up to speed with the modern times. You are a warmhearted person whose defining personality trait is generosity.

7. Bandholz


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This is the upgraded version of the full beard. If there is any kind of facial hair that is the very definition of ‘macho’, this is it. Often sported by lumberjacks, this look is bound to make you the hottest guy around for miles. It just brings out the raw sexuality of your character and if being the object of many a longing glance from the opposite gender is what you’re going for, then this is the beard for you.

8. Garibaldi


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This one is quite difficult to maintain. You’ll need to be very patient and have a lot of time to dedicate to shaping and trimming. The Garibaldi shows that you are a mature and patient person who isn’t afraid of making commitments. Putting so much effort into something you’re passionate about is very attractive for women.

9. Clean shaven


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If you’re sporting a clean-shaven look, then you’re probably a conscientious, kind, and loving person. Shaving off your beard usually makes you look younger and gives you a certain boyish charm that never seems to go out of fashion. This look also shows that you are a true professional and very punctual, but sensitive and polite as well. This maturity combined with the youthfulness makes you positively irresistible.

10. Stubble


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The five o’clock shadow has been a very attractive look since the dawn of time. The stubble puts you right on the border between a macho man and an innocent boy. This blend of young and old makes you look quite mysterious and intriguing and what woman can resist a good intrigue?

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