Feeling Overly Festive? Beard Christmas Ornaments Are Here To Help You Out

When it comes to being festive, people go great lengths. I mean, I know for myself that I try to be as extra as possible and nothing seems too far-fetched. Especially around Christmas. And no, I don’t mean being festive with house decorations or putting up a Christmas tree. That is something we all do. But here is something we don’t all do: decorate our facial hair to get as deep as possible in the whole Christmas spirit.

Wanna hear some good news? Now there are Christmas-tree inspired decorations for facial hair. Yup, they are specially made to fit perfectly around your beard. In fact, it seems that a lot of men are trying it out. So, here’s the deal: there are some small and festive bulbs that you can attach to your facial hair.


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And wanna know the craziest thing? These aren’t a 2018 trend. Sure, they have just recently surfaced and gone viral but it is something people have done even in the past years. However, one thing is for sure. We will be seeing a lot of this look as we get close to Christmas day.

You are probably wondering how these ornaments stay in their place? Here is the answer to all those questions that are hovering over your head. Well, see, there are some super small hair claws that actually clip the bulbs in place, securing them tightly.

And here is an example of how they look like on different types of hair. Amazing, right?


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Quite an interesting concept, might I say. An unusual product that will set me for only $8.99 per pack? I am here for it, to be honest.  A reasonable price and a very aesthetically pleasing idea. A match made in heaven.


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