The Beard Makes The Man: 12 Beards And The Men They Created

I’m a man. But ONLY because I grow a beard. When I don’t, I’m not a man, I admit it! Want proof of that, you beardless wuss? (Oops, sorry, lady!)

Then check out these amazing transformations caused by nothing other than a man’s outgrowth of facial hair. Suddenly, everyone looks like Thor! Thanks, VTbecause this will surely please the ladies!

Are you ready to become a MAN? YES?! Then scroll down and fight me!

1. I hear your “Oooh.”

#transformationsaturday _ Came across the picture on the left on my old computer… this is when I bought into the hype that gaining weight was the best solution to getting the physique I wanted. I remember weighing myself every day, stuffing my face and eagerly waiting till I finally hit 185lbs on the scale. _ Well I did. And that picture is the result. 185 lbs left me with a much more bloated look than I was after… puffy rounded face, less vascularity, blurry definition and hardly there abs. _ Since then, my knowledge for fitness and nutrition has expanded exponentially and now on the right I’m 165 lbs. Much leaner with a more “crisp” look, more vascularity and defined face/jawline (even though you can’t tell with the beard ) . _ Not only that but even though I’m 20 pounds lighter, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life – my key compound lifts have all increased by 65+ pounds since then… some even more. _ That’s because I now track my lifts and work out strategically, three days a week. _ On the left I can honestly say I thought I had it figured out and looked pretty good. Now looking back its crazy to me how much I still had to learn and how much I could improve on. _ But that’s why it’s a journey and I’ve loved every second of it! It’s never too late to start learning and it’s certainly never too late to start trying! _ Check out my blog for an extensive outline on what all I’ve learned so far and follow me here to learn more of my ways! _____________________ #thedrunkenmaster

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2. A boy turned MAN!

3. Well, he suddenly looks like Santa Claus.

Cannot wait to get gray bread! Do you prefer young or old?

4. ‘I’m not a kid anymore, mom!’

5. Hey ladies, what do you say?

Yeah what do you say to a ginger beard?

6. That beard is one year old.

7. Beards don’t have to be massive to be effective.


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8. A notable improvement!

Before and after #ubmag

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9. This beard has a man attached to it.

Tag that friend who needs to grow their hair and beard too!

10. Beards will contain food though. It’s a real man’s thing!

This guy should never shave! What do you think?

11. Sometimes, even plankton and tiny fish can get caught by the net of beard.

12. Ever wondered what Santa looked like when he was young? This is it.

We all have that one friend who made a huge transformation. Who’s your friend?

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