Meet the World’s Most Identical Twins

In 2010, the world saw the coming of two beautiful female creatures that were almost identical. Yes, it was July 7 and the twin sisters Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements entered the world. Soon after, they became admired by many people around the world. Nowadays, the 7-year-old girls already have a modeling career ahead of them! Here is their story.

When newborn babies come into the world, it is a beautiful event in any way. When twins are born, it is even a bigger miracle for the world.


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Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements were born to be admired for their beauty. Since they were six months old, they have been widely recognized for their beautiful appearance. Jaqi, the proud mother of the twins, decided to turn to a modeling agency to show how beautiful her twins are. Even though she didn’t have a lot of time as she also took care of their 2-year-old brother, she managed to expose them to the world in order to recognize their beauty. However, it was when the twins turned 7 years old this past summer, that Jaqi exposed her twin girls to the social media. She posted a picture on Instagram and it quickly went viral. The twins soon became an international online sensation.

Modeling agencies quickly noticed the identical twins and started to beg to work with them. Jaqi was constantly being stopped on the street to receive comments on her daughters’ beauty. The twins already had busy schedules as they were involved in swimming and dancing, but they were eager to start this new journey of working for a modeling agency.

Nowadays, the twins have more than 240,000 followers on Instagram. Their fans named them “the most beautiful twins in the world”.


Clements Twins

Currently, Leah Rose and Ava Marie are signed with two modeling agencies. Moreover, they have won any contracts with a series of children’s clothing brands and magazines, among the many new opportunities coming. Incredibly, they were offered six different jobs within a single week.


Clements Twins
 Their older brother, Chase Robert, is also signed with the same modeling agency. The family is able to pursue a life of travel now that the twins are recognized worldwide. Although this can be a little hectic for the family, they enjoy spending time together while traveling. This actually brings them together in a special way.

For the Clements family, there is a promising future ahead in the world of modeling. We can’t wait to see what’s next for these beautiful people.

Clements Twins

Here are the twins who have a different skin color.

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