Beauty Blogger Tried To Give Herself Henna Freckles – It Did Not Go Well

We can all agree that freckles are insanely cute and most of us wish we had them.

However, some take wishing to another level and actually set about making it a reality. Such as the German beauty blogger Naomi Jon.

Naomi is a YouTuber with over 746,000 subscribers on her account, where she frequently shares makeup and hair dyeing tutorials, as well as reviews makeup products. Basically, all things beauty related.

Her newest video, however, did not exactly turn out the way she hoped…


The YouTuber tried to give herself semi-permanent freckles using henna, and what was supposed to give her a sunkissed, freckled look actually ended up, as she aptly puts it, resembling Chucky the murderous doll.

Naomi explains how she got the inspiration for the video from an Instagram post which featured a girl forming freckles with henna. So, after getting in touch with the other girl and meeting her, she found out what products she needed and got to work. Naomi tells her viewers she bought the products the other girl suggested and followed her instructions to chose a “more natural” color.

In the end, this is how her henna freckles should have ended up:


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This is how it actually did:

Naomi Jon/YouTube

Quite the… difference.

Upon starting the video, the beauty vlogger got right to work, immediately covering her cheeks and nose with henna. Shortly after, she asked whether the henna was supposed to burn, and revealed she had no idea whether she was allergic to the product or not but still did not stop until half of her face was covered in henna dots.

Something which she probably regretted after she attempted to remove the henna afterward and found out it wasn’t budging. On top of that, it even turned her skin an angry, blotchy red.

Naomi Jon/YouTube

Realizing her mistake, she begged her viewers to tell her if anyone knew how you can get henna off your skin and admitted the experiment is a “total disaster”.

When not even high coverage foundation could do nothing to hide her “freckles”, she admitted she is close to tears.

Naomi Jon/YouTube

“I regret everything,” she says. “I actually wanna cry. I think I am gonna cry when I finish this video. I need to go to work tomorrow and it’s not even possible to cover this. I’m gonna go through hell.”

See her video here:

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Well, I mean at least it’s only semi-permanent, right? Could have been worse, just check out this guy who drunkenly got glasses tattooed to his face.


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