Self-taught International Beauty Photographer Tamara Williams, Shares Her Career Secrets For MetDaan

Tamara Williams is a self-taught international beauty photographer, which has been in this industry for 5 years now. When she first started out doing photography, her goal was to definitely come in one of those big magazines or on the cover of these magazines, like Vogue… and she made it and she states that is really proud of that one!

If you want to know more of her experience with models photo-shooting, what kind of models does she pick, what makes her style unique from the other photographers and so MUCH more, you’re just in the right page.

Willimas gave an exclusive interview for MetDaan, sharing her life experience and secrets of pushing you to become the greatest version of yourself. Now we are about to reveal all the answers we provided from this amazing and hard-working woman, which will inspire you to follow your dreams and embrace the true version of yourself.


The beginning and the building vision of her career


Williams always wanted to become a photographer, but actually, her family didn’t like the idea. So, she was in a need to make a training as a bank clerk and work in a bank for three years. But after that, she realized that won’t float her boat, and it would be better for her to follow her passion. She finally decided to become a full-time freelance photographer 5 years ago, when she was 18. Now that she recalls that time, she laughs with the mindset she had to think she could take over the world with no clients and just go freelance like that. She was shutting everything which, well, basically, make money.

In the beginning, her vision and her goal were not clear, but with time, she got to explore this profession more.  She developed her own aesthetics and eventually 2 years ago, she only decided to specialize in beauty and nothing else except that.




What makes her style unique and what kind of models she’s in search for?


She told MetDaan that what makes her style unique and distinct from other photographers is, first of all, her personality.  Then comes her aesthetics.

“You can give five photographers the same camera, the same wall, the same makeup, the same hair stylist – they will do different pictures because everybody has a different vision. I really much think that in this industry especially, it really comes down to your personality, to who you are… Because in a creative industry, is always like that: Either people like your work or they just don’t give any attention to you.”

Besides that, she also adds that one must be willing to work in their own brand and art, so that an aesthetic that people live can be developed.

When it comes to picking her models, she has some certain qualities and traits which she searches for in a face. “Full lips, bushy eyebrows, big eyes, small draw-line and a small nose” is what she looks for.

“I don’t care how you look unless you’re really professional in what you do, and you’re good. I’m cool with that, you can come in jogging trousers or whatever” she adds.

When we asked her who is one model, dead or alive, that she would love to do a photo-shoot with; she told us that would be Beyonce or Irina Shayk. Who can blame her? Now, below you can find some of the faces she shot. Spoiler alert: Be ready to get fascinated!




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What does her photography transmit and what is her perception of beauty?


Tamara told MetDaan that she does not try to tell stories through her photographs because she actually has a different aim.

“The only thing I want to do is to try and kind of to change the industry with its standards and its low payments, with its time management kind of skills and stuff. I feel like we can improve a lot more and we should value the work of artists, of models, of makeup artists, of hairstylist and of whoever, so I’m trying to work a bit more on that” she told us.

She adds that she is not using her images as a medium, but as a platform to talk about that. So, in essence, she’s trying to raise awareness about how beauty standards get treated because she thinks that real beauty comes from within. Her message is:

“Everybody, even the big models do have flaws. They do have pimples, they do have wrinkles. So don’t feel bad about yourself, even though you might think omg they’re looking so pretty and whatsoever. Everything is altered in the media and I’m not talking about my pictures, I’m talking about so many other things.”



Her next plans and one secret she shared for MetDaan readers


Williams is currently working on master classes with one of her retouchers and they’re going to have those master classes soon. They are going to be taking place in Berlin, Paris and in London. They don’t have the dates scheduled yet, but if you want to know the dates and extra details make sure to check her YouTube [TamaraWilliams1] and Instagram [tamarawilliams1] channel because it will be published there.


One secret she shared for everybody out there who dedicated their precious time to follow her work is:

“Love yourself and do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Nobody in this whole entire world will manage to give you the happiness that you can give yourself.”



If you want to know even more about her work, what kind of camera she uses, with what app she edits her pictures with, how long does one photo-shoot take including the editing hours and more, watch the exclusive video below:

Source: Tamarawilliams1


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