20 Bedtime Habits That Help You Lose Some Weight

There are several ways to help your weight loss other than regular exercise. It’s all connected to your bedtime habits. You’ve probably experienced a sleepless night even though you were extremely tired. Changing your bedtime habits will also help you in your weight loss journey. If you don’t have enough proper sleep, it may lead to insulin intolerance, stress increase and hunger hormone increase as well. All of these will make your metabolism slow down and eventually lead to weight gain. In this article, Stylecraze helps you battle excess fat with changing your bedtime routine. There are many rituals that will not only help you sleep better, but also make that tummy flat! Here’s what you need to do.

1. Dance!


We know you are tired and everything, but stop all the distractions and make your body move. In order to help your brain and body sync, start dancing before you have your dinner. Exercising will not only mobilize the fat but also improve brain function and reaction time. You will fall asleep faster, your muscles will strengthen and you will be stress-free. Make sure to have a protein shake 1 hour before you exercise.

2. Have chicken/turkey/tofu/nuts

Worrying too much can also lead to insomnia. This leads to the cortisol levels rising but there are foods that can lower these. Consume foods that are rich in an amino acid, L-tryptophan that plays a vital role in the synthesis of serotonin or the “feel good” hormone. These include skinless chicken breast, turkey, tofu, and nuts for dinner along with other healthy foods to increase the serotonin levels.

3. Consume cottage cheese/cheese

Cottage cheese and any other types of cheese are also rich in L-tryptophan. They also contain casein, which promotes quality sleep. Add cheese to your dinner so that you have healthy comfort food, and help your body and brain rest well.

4. Switch off mobile, TV, laptop


Mobile, TV, laptop, X-box etc. are all the harmful distractions. You can check these for a period of 30 minutes during the day and then shut them off to get a good night’s sleep.

5. Make your bed

A well made, clean, and comfortable bed invites you to relax for a better sleep. Use clean bedsheets and pillow cover. Tuck the edges of the bed sheet under the mattress and make yourself comfortable.

6. Foot soak

Have you ever tried a foot soak before bed? Use lukewarm water and add a little salt and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Then, soak your feet for 10 minutes. You can also use plastic foot rollers to release the stress from the foot sole.

7. Take a shower


If foot soak is not so helpful to you, you can try taking a shower instead. Use a subtle smelling body wash and moisturizer after showering. This will help your body to cool down and is an effective stress reliever.

8. Foot massage

After you have taken a shower or soaked your feet, give yourself a treat by massaging your feet. Dab moisturizer all over your foot and then use medium pressure and circular motions to apply the moisturizer. Use your knuckles to massage the soles and hold your toe in between your fingers. Then, move your foot up and down to feel the stretch.

9. Wear comfortable clothes


It’s important to choose comfortable clothes made of pure cotton or satin. Never wear tight clothes or clothes that may cause itching.

10. Allow ventilation in bedroom

Your bedroom should be well ventilated and it shouldn’t be too cold or hot.

11. Use aromatherapy

If your room does not have good ventilation, you may use essential oils or mild room fresheners to get into the “sleeping mode”. Just add few drops of essential oil to your pillow or to a bowl of water and keep it on your bedside table.

12. Practice bedtime yoga


Try bedtime yoga if you are feeling tired and sore. It will not only get rid of the muscle pain but also relieve the stress and negativity.

13. Maintain a journal

It’s so much cooler than watching a dull show! Write about your day or how you feel about losing weight.

14. Drink warm milk

Drink one cup of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric before bed and you will sleep like a baby. Milk is rich in L-tryptophan, and casein. If you are lactose intolerant, try drinking warm almond milk.

15. Close the kitchen

It’s time to shut that door and stop eating before bed. Late night snacking can contribute to a lot of weight gain without you even realizing it.

16. Use the washroom


Yes, use the washroom before finally retiring to your bed. Do not forget to brush your teeth!

17. Get comfortable

Place everything in the right place and moisturize those hands. You are all set up now!

18. Read a book

Reading a book or magazine can help you fall asleep quickly. It will also improve your attention span and vocabulary.

19. Lights out

Turn off the light. Sleeping in the dark will help your pineal gland release a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin helps to relieve stress and improve sleep quality and sleep time.

20. Use a blue night light


Finally, if you really need to use a bit of light, use a blue night lamp. The color blue tends to induce sleep.

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Source: stylecraze