This Is The Person Who Saw Bee Movie 357 Times In A Year On Netflix

Gemma Chalmers is Europe’s most prolific re-watcher of a movie in 2017 claiming that her boy Jaxson throws tantrums when he is not watching Dreamworks’ Bee Movie on TV. You think 300 times is a lot? Cause I certainly do.

When it was revealed first that the UK Netflix user viewed the animated movie 357 times in 365 days, social media was losing it. The 29-year-old said that her friends were quick to sent her the post telling her: “This has to be you.”

This is 29-year-old Gemma Chalmers with her baby Jaxson who is obsessed with the 2007 animated movie, which was resurrected as a meme this year and prior.


Her friends just knew that she was the person who watched the video 357 times, but as has become incredibly obvious, it really was her son.


She told The Sun:

“We’ve watched it multiple times a day to keep him happy.
“He watches the film from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night. I know every word of that film. I am completely fed-up with it.
“We’ve tried Trolls, Cars and other Disney films,” Ms Chalmers added. “But nothing works like the Bee Movie.”

The mother and son live in Peterhead, Scotland and first became obsessed when her grandmother put it on to stop him from crying.

As for the movie, it has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards.


Cute little baby.


It has also been revealed that Greenleaf, a series about a family in their megachurch in Memphis is the most watched show in UK in 2017. The program has been watched more than two hours per day.

The second popular show was the true crime drama American Vandal. Orange Is The New Black is the show that makes other viewers cheat on their significant other followed by Stanger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Star Trek: Discovery, Narcos, Riverdale, Marvel’s Iron Fist, Ozark, Better Call Saul and The Crown. 


Source: Dailymail