You Probably Still Believe These 14 Lies

Humanity seems to be heading towards the future really fast. All of us are learning new things every day, however, there are some things that we believe in which seem to be stuck in time. Some myths that we have heard from our parents or even generations before have remained as big misconceptions even nowadays.
Designworld has compiled a list of 14 misconceptions that we hear almost every day.


1. 8 hours of sleep


It’s a pretty well known fact that you need eight hours of sleep during the night for a proper functioning of the brain, but also because it is good for your overall health. However, this depends on subjective preferences. So, don’t worry the next time when you wake up after only six hours of sleep because according to studies all those individuals that have six hours night sleep have a healthier life and usually live more.

2. The dead sea


It is known that The Dead Sea’s hypersaline water makes floating easy. Also, the mineral-rich mud is used for cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. However, the belief that it is the saltiest water body is a misconception. The hypersaline lake in Antarctica, Don Juan Pond has been reported higher salinities. It has amazed researchers since it was not covered with ice because the salt concentration in the lake water does not allow it to freeze.

3. Mickey Mouse’s author



If you are one of those who believes that the author of the most popular mouse in the world Mickey was Walt Disney, you are wrong. He only gave his voice to Mickey in the first release. The author of Mickey Mouse was “UB Iwerks”, who is well known for the speed of his work where he could draw 700 drawings in a single day.

4. Asteroid belts


This misconception comes from the movies mostly. Most of us are familiar with the scenes when the astronaut leaves the Earth and explores the space but eventually gets crushed in the asteroid belt. However, this is not possible because there are miles of emptiness between two asteroids, which means that it is not actually a threat to humans.

5. Cats always land on their feet


You have probably heard or you still believe that a cat would always land on its feet when it falls from somewhere. This is partially wrong. The cats have an ability to maneuver their body position while falling, so if they fall from higher altitudes they are able to land like with a parachute. However, if they fall from lower altitudes they won’t be able to land on their legs since the won’t have the time to adjust their body.

6. Opposites attract


When it comes to magnets this concept definitely applies. On the contrary, with couples, this is not the case. Statistically, the best couples are the ones with similar interests and hobbies.

7. Nero and violin


This myth is about Emperor Nero who was playing violin on top of his castle in deep sorrow, in 64 BC when Rome was burned to a crisp. However, that could not be possible since the violin was not invented until 1600 years after the tragic event.

8. Ostriches hide their head in sand


Ostriches don’t hide their head in the sand when they are afraid of something, but rather they do so in order to swallow some sand which will help them to digest food. If they are afraid they will lie down and just press the head against the ground.

9. You cannot swim after you eat


You have probably had your mother once telling you that you can’t swim after you have had your lunch. This is actually a misconception because a light swimming session with a full stomach can be good for you.

10. Stress causes gray hair


“Don’t stress that much, you will have gray hair” one of the things our parent or grandparents use to say to us. However, according to scientists, the color of your hair depends on the genetic traits rather than the stress factors. So, don’t worry this is nothing but another common misconception.

11. The throw of coin


According to science, if you throw you a coin from a certain height, it might catch the highest speed of up to 60 mph. So, if you throw a coin it won’t injure someone seriously because the coin is too light.

12. Dogs are colorblind


The dog’s colorblindness is nothing but a common misconception. It has been proven that dogs can definitely perceive colors but only not as efficiently as humans. This is because they have two cones in the eyes and we have three.

13. Mice love cheese


Yes, everyone who watched “Tom & Jerry” probably still believes that mice only want great smelly cheese. However, the mice actually eat everything and anything. This misconception exists not only because of  Tom & Jerry but also because in the past the cheese was stored in open places more than other products.

14. Carrots are good for sight improvement


Eating carrots will improve your sight was also one of the things our grandparents and parents used to say to us. However, even though the carrot is providing necessary vitamins for the retina it is not magical and can’t improve your sight.

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From: designworld

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