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How To Properly Brush Your Hair And The Benefits Of Doing So

How To Properly Brush Your Hair And The Benefits Of Doing So

As a kid, I always thought that brushing your hair while dry, causes breakage. Can’t remember who actually told me but I grew up believing this and I can’t even start counting the times I went out with a bed head. To this day, and I still can’t break the habit. Clearly, it’s true when they say “old habits die hard”.

Apparently, there are lots of advantages of brushing your hair everyday, and not just that, but there’s a list of ways how to do it properly.

1. Avoid hair loss


Avoid losing hair by combing them often, because this way you’ll trigger the capillaries on your head, hence increasing blood circulation. This carries oxygen in your hair roots, which will later help strengthen the hair. It will also help the oil-producing gland (sebaceous gland), absorb the oil in the gland. Often cases, hair loss is caused by the unbalance in the oil-producing gland.

2. Strengthens and conditions your hair

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If you want to have glossy and strong hair, comb them regularly. While combing your hair, the natural oil distributes, which prevents the hair from drying out.

3. Cleans the hair

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It really cleans them- by combing your hair you remove particles and dirt that somehow gets stuck there. Meaning, combing your hair is just as good as dry shampooing them. How come I didn’t know this before?!

It turns out, there’s a proper way of combing your hair. There’s a list, actually. Scroll down!

  • Using the right brush

Natural bristle brushes are perfect for evenly distributing the oil in your hair. Just make sure to comb them gently.

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  • Properly positioning yourself

Surprisingly, how you position yourself while combing your hair, is very important. This because the more blood that flows in your head, the more capillaries will be stimulated. You should start brushing from the ends, and up to the base of the scalp. Always remember to do this for three to five minutes, and then repeat the process.

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  • Don’t forget to de-tangle first

Brushing and de-tangling are two different things! So, first use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle any knots, and then use a brush. If you use a brush to de-tangle them, this will only cause breakage and rip hair.

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