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13 Best Blue Eyeliners To Make Your Eyes Pop

13 Best Blue Eyeliners To Make Your Eyes Pop

While it may be scary sometime to experiment with makeup, the blue-eyed look is an easy way to make a statement if you’re going for a low-key makeup with a splash of color. Blue is one of the safer colors to play around with since it suits all types of complexions and skin tones. Also, if you have small eyes, blue will make them look wider and brighter.

Graphic eyeliner seems to have become the trend as of lately. You may have scrolled through insta and seen makeup artists and influencers upping their makeup game and being creative for a while now. Editorial makeup looks and shows like “Euphoria” have been an inspiration to experiment with different techniques and have fun with colors.

These are the best blue eyeliners that deliver intense color payoff both on the eyelid and waterline. You can choose from different shades, textures, formulas, depending on what you prefer. All of these are great for a special occasion, festivals, a party, or just for those selfie-worthy makeup looks.

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