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10 Best Lip Masks For Moisturized Lips

10 Best Lip Masks For Moisturized Lips

The lip skin is thin and sensitive, which makes it fragile to dry, cold weather, and other environmental exposures that lead to irritation. Even though lip balms are a beloved beauty product staple for a good reason, they do not have as much staying power and infused ingredients compared to lip masks.

The difference is the same as with a moisturizer vs. a hydrating mask. Unlike thin balms, thick masks are designed to protect and regenerate dry, chapped skin overnight so it can regenerate and plump the pout.

You can put them on while you sleep, on a long commute or just before putting on a bold matte lip. These are the best overnight lip masks from affordable to high end that come as patches, ointments, or in thick creamy textures.

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