These Are The 5 Best Stick-On Bras That You Can Buy On Amazon

New Year’s Eve and all the upcoming holiday’s parties are simply a reason plus to buy that gorgeous backless dress you have always wanted to buy. Okay, sure. But, what about the bra? One could never be confident enough to go without a bra to a party. So the solution is here. A stick-on bra! They are all designed to work on even the lowest necklines. However, sometimes those bras are notorious for often delivering a lackluster or uncomfortable fit.

But, no need to panic. Here is a list of some perfect stick-on bras, compiled by Health, that are found on Amazon. They come in many cup sizes and you could be amazed how they can actually work under low neckline, strapless or backless dresses.

1. Asimoon strapless Bra

This minimalist silicone-based stick-on bra, that provides support under the backless tops has five-star review percentage of 86%. Of course, you can wash it and wear it over again.

What the reviews say:

“This strapless bra holds breasts well…It comes with a transparent strapless bra case, super easy to organize it. Also, it is easy to wash, just water and soap then let it dry in a flat place. Nice!” —Mia Laymen

“The silicone is definite a superior quality to some other brands. The sizes are accurate as it fits me perfectly and does ‘do the job’ it suppose to do.” —Victoria

“Product is very smooth and soft to the touch on the front side which makes all my clothing lay perfectly over top of it. The sticky side held without fail and I forget I’m wearing it.” —Heidi L.


2. STbra Women’s Strapless Bra

This bra has a clip on the front that offers a push-up level support also. It has a 91% of the five-star rating.

What the reviews say:

“It sticks on perfectly and actually has a sticky material that bonds with the skin without pulling the hairs and causing pain. There is a part left out without the sticky material to accommodate the areola area. ” —Ellie

“It’s comfy enough to wear all day at work and my bffs tell me it looks totally natural. It stays in place no matter how much I’m moving around.” —Catherine Park

“I was a bridesmaid in a wedding in humid Tennessee, it was an outdoor wedding, and it rained, but the bra didn’t budge!” —Bailey Birnie


3. Huboroloves self adhesive deep U plunge Bra

Well, how genius is this? It has a backless style that features U-shaped cups which are perfect for the low necklines tops and dresses. It has 93% of the five-star review. It costs 21 dollars.

What the reviews say:

“I really really love the pretty backless bra, it is sooo surprisingly comfortable and it works! The fit was great and I totally forgot I was wearing it.” —Michelle Lee

“Great product! The bra is high quality, it is well made and worth every penny! I would like to recommend it to all of my girl friends!” —Sydnee patterson

“I would recommend this bra for plunging necklines! I was nervous to order this bra, but it far surpassed my expectations.” —Bethany Covey


4. LamourLove strapless bra

Lamourlove stick-on bra comes in nude and black. It uses medical grade hypoallergenic gel to stay in place under your backless dresses. It has  84% of the five-star review. You can buy it for seventeen dollars.

What the reviews say:

“The adhesive is very sticky, so stays on the whole night, but while sticky, it doesn’t hurt when you take it off.” —Suzy Q

“My skin is take sensitive, so the adhisive [sic] made me nervous. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is easy to apply and easy to peel off. I’ve used it a few times now and my skin didn’t get irritated at all!” —sneddysis

“It sticks really well and actually holds my girls in place! I like how you can control how much of a ‘push up’ you want by tightening the strings or loosening them!” —Erica Denton


5. Blisstime self adhesive silicone invisible push-up bra with drawstring

This is one of the favorites that has gone viral recently. You can wash it and reuse it and it won’t damage the sticky cups which have a drawstring that pushes and lift the breasts. It comes with range from an A cup to a D cup. It has 86%  percentage of the five-star review. You can buy it for nine to ten dollars.

What the reviews say:

“The adhesive is very strong and really gave a good feeling that it won’t fall.” —Lex Noble

“It’s made of high quality, durable material that is very soft to the touch. It doesn’t irritate your skin or feel like something is sticking to you.” —sam

“Works great, I’ve worn it for over 6 hours straight…I danced all night, sweated a lot, and it stuck in place just fine, peeled away just slightly around the edges by the end of the night.” —J. Leonard

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