Meet Beth Belshaw – The Self-Taught Hairstylist Who Does Magic On Her Daughters’ Hair

The number of hairstyles that girls can sport has gone up manifold as compared to many years ago.  Sometimes a decent hairstyle doesn’t only set the tone of the entire look, but also expresses one’s identity and personality especially when done with love. However, it’s safe to say that some of the cutest hairstyles we come across the internet are those of little girls. Whatever they are – buns, updos or simple braids – seeing little girls’ hair docked up so neat and stylish is so pleasing to look at. We imagine how pleasing would be for the hairstylist, though.

Now, every mom in the world loves to do her little daughters’ hair but some moms take the initiative to share their beautiful works with the world. Here at MetDaan, we exclusively interviewed Beth Belshaw – an extraordinary hairstylist and mom from the United Kingdom who does most of her hairstyles on her two adorable little daughters Abby, 9 years old and Baylee, 6 years old. Beth’s hairstyles look smooth and decent like they were given a touch with a magic wand. However, what is captivating about this hairstylist is that she doesn’t only creates hairstyles on her two daughters but also in grown-up models from time to time.

Photo Credit: Beth Belshaw

You can find Beth on Instagram sweethearts_hair and her Youtube channel with the same name, and be among one of her thousands of followers or subscribers. We heartily believe you will be inspired by her amazing hairstyles.

In the interview we’ve documented for you below, Beth told us how she got started with hairstyling, the struggles behind filming her videos, her little daughters’ patience and also shared some of the secrets for people who would like to know more about starting their journey in hairstyling world.


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Photo Credit: Beth Belshaw

Beth commenced styling hair on her eldest daughter Abby when she was only 3 years old. Since Abby had her hair grow fast, Beth felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do with it, so she went on Youtube and watched videos on hairstyling and the rest is history. However, Beth decided to explain in details this history for us.

Being a mom of two Beth was candid and told us that she didn’t have any hobby back then, she liked cooking but that was all. However, on the question, whether she took any classes on hairstyling or she’s a self-taught artist, she replied:

In terms of my training, you could say I am self-taught because no, I haven’t been to school, I haven’t been to college, I haven’t had like a tutor or anybody to show me, so in that regard I am self-taught, but really we can all teach ourselves now.

She also added:

So basically, I taught myself from watching videos, so yes it was something that I practiced myself; a new skill, but most of the time I would be on Youtube and I would be looking at how other people did it and I just be copying and so you could say that they taught me and now I am teaching others, it’s kind of however you want to interpret that.

Photo Credit: Beth Belshaw

We know that just like any other job, hairstyling can be tiring too. The precise videos that are served to us, look polished and flawless but Beth says they can actually be ‘a nightmare’ when filming them. She elaborated that one has to take care of the model, videographer, then edit the videos.  She added that when she starts styling sometimes she completely forgets what she’s doing. “You just see this lovely handsome clip in which we never go wrong but believe me there are some disasters behind those videos, definitely,” added Beth.

Photo Credits: Beth Belshaw

Furthermore, the British artist told us where she draws the inspiration for her works:

The same as you guys, if you would decorate your house you would go on pinterest, you would go on the internet, so it’s exactly the same for me. Sometimes I would be on Instagram and see something I love and I’ll put my own sort of interpretation on that style.

The mother-of-two also said that whenever she does a direct copy of somebody’s else works, she always tags that person. Sometimes she would just post a picture of an amazing hairstyle and then if many people liked that particular hairstyle, it would be a sign to go on and make a video out of it.

Although Beth started her creative hairstyling in her two daughters’ hair, she explained that when the number of videos she was doing increased per month, she felt that it was becoming too much for her daughters so she started asking models to come in. However, she usually tends to do little girls’ hairstyles on her two daughters.

Moreover, Beth told us that as long as her daughters have something to get occupied with, like their favorite app or any book in front of themselves they are patient enough. She said:

We’ll have breaks in between and we’ll have a laugh, so most of the time is no issue, if I feel like you know they are children at the end of the day, if they’re tired or not feeling into it, we will just postpone for another day, it’s not a problem. But I do feel we’re really okay and in all fairness, they’ve been in this since they were tiny, it’s all they’ve known so they just get involved and it usually comes out pretty good.

Beth further added that it’s quite a nice feeling that her daughters and also her husband are involved altogether in the family business, as it strengthens the bond between them as a family.

Photo Credits: Beth Belshaw

Her neat and precise up-dos and hairstyles are quite hard to achieve one would say, but if you have Beth’s dedication and love for doing it – we believe everything becomes far easier. Beth shared a few secrets from her work with us, readers, hairstylists or any beginner that wants to create a neat hairstyle but doesn’t know how:

There are a few things I think you need to know If you want to create a nice neat and smooth hairstyle. You’ve got to have a kit, even if you’re a complete novice you need a really small kit. That should be a really good detangling brush, a detangling spray, a comb and some kind of like smoothing spray like a wax spray or dry oil spray. That’s really going to help you get that finish on the hair, that nice smoothness to the hair, so that’s your kit.

She continued:

Then the other thing is to take your time and have the patience to make sure that every single stage that you’re doing is looking right.

According to Beth in order for a hairstyle to look neat, sometimes it takes her to redo it a lot of times until she gets sure that it all looks smooth and flawless. Obviously, these parts are edited off from the perfect video that we see, but behind the scenes, there is a big effort to finally create her splendid hairstyles that we already favorize so much.

Photo Credits: Beth Belshaw

The last but not least question we asked this hairstylist was to tell more about her hair product line and the struggles they had to launch it:

So, the product that we managed to launch a few years ago is the Sweetheart Hair Detangler and I love this product guys. It’s basically a hair detangler – you spray it on the hair, there’s no greasiness, there’s no stickiness, there’s no parabens, there’s no chemicals, there’s no synthetic chemicals at all. And it makes the hair so much easy to push through for moms like me, it’s just a lifesaver in the morning. And it’s a product that we are really proud of, because we made it ourselves and we sell it to 42 different countries.

Whereas In terms of difficulties in launching the product she added:

We were novices we didn’t know what we were doing, we had to get it tested, so many labels and barcodes and it was a minefield, oh if we’d have to do it again we would be brilliant, yet when we started it was a nightmare – but it was totally worth it!

Lastly, when we asked Beth for her future plans, she told us that her plans are pretty simple.  In contrast with the last year where she and her family worked hard on her family business and didn’t quite have time for each other, in 2019 they look forward on trying and keeping a balance between work life and family life. However, she loves hairstyling and she will continue to do it in the future as well.

We wish Beth a lot of success from MetDaan team!