Bethenny Frankel Wants Full Custody Of Her Daughter And Is Suing Jason Hoppy Again

Even years after facing her ex-husband in court, Real Housewives of New York star, 47-year-old Bethenny Frankel is bringing Jason Hoppy back to the courtroom once again! She is now arguing that he is not to seek partial custody of his daughter. Bethenny claims that Jason is an angry and vengeful person who might as well harm the child in some way.

Considering what Jason said to Bethenny in front of their daughter, she’s likely to at least get primary custody of the little girl.


It all started when Bethenny married pharmaceutical salesman Jason Hoppy in March 2010. Two months later, she gave birth to their little daughter Bryn. In 2012, the couple decided to divorce, but spent the next four years in court. They fought over property division.


In 2014, the judges made a decision about Bryn’s custody. This happened during a case when Jason called Bethenny “white trash” while on the witness stand. Bethenny had previously stated what it was like for her to live with Jason. It was “brutal, horrendous, excruciating.” The judge had, however, allowed them to co-parent their daughter.

The divorce was finalized in June 2016, although the battle was not over. Jason reportedly started tormenting his ex. According to Bethenny, Jason was constantly messaging and emailing her, and he even got to the point of harassing her. Then, Bethenny,s lawyer sent  Jason a cease-and-desist letter in Nov. 2016, but Jason didn’t stop with the torturing.


In early 2017, things got even worse. Bethenny and her boyfriend Dennis Shields went to Bryn’s school to watch her in a recital. There, Jason confronted Bethenny.  She claimed that Jason threatened her life, so she went to the police to seek help. He had also supposedly hacked into her computer and recorded conversations. Moreover, he had insulted her in front of her daughter.

Due to the evidence that Bethenny had, Jason was arrested on Jan. 27. He was then charged with one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, one count of stalking in the fourth degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree. Bethanny’s temporary order of protection expired on July 27.

In August, Jason tried to have the charges dismissed, but instead he was given the original charges plus one count of stalking in the third degree and another count of stalking in the fourth degree. He was also punished with six more months of keeping away from her until October 23.

“It is clear from the trajectory of this case that her claims were not substantiated or credited given that their motive was questioned. Mr. Hoppy looks forward to moving on with his life and his daughter,” Jason’s lawyer Alex Spiro said of the situation.


Their battle is far from over. Bethanny is going to use the time to seek full custody of her seven-year-old daughter Bryn, according to court documents filed on Dec. 6.

Also, according to Page Six, the parents will be back in court in January next year.

Source: celebuzz

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