Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul Are Finally Having A Crossover

Yo, Mr.White, it’s finally happening!

The fans of the show are finally being rewarded after years of waiting. The Breaking Bad fans have been asking for a crossover with Better Call Saul pretty much since the show aired in 2015.

Breaking Bad


The production for a crossover is happening and the much-awaited episode is on the way! At the Better Call Saul’s 2018 Comic-Con panel it was announced that the famous Breaking Bad show and the spin-off are crossing paths. As a fan of the show, I can say that I am super excited about this!

It isn’t known how the shows will merge together but fans and I can only hope that we see Walter White and Jesse Pinkman somehow playing a role in the episode. Even though both actors of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul are in San Diego for the convention, neither of the main characters will be joining in the fourth season of Better Call starring Bob Odenkirk.

Actor Aaron Paul and his daughter.

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But apparently, the two main characters will be making an appearance before season four is over. Which means Walter is not dead and Jesse is somewhere living a life after that season finale!

Story Anabelle Paul, the adorable 5-month-old daughter of Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian will be joining the Breaking Bad family.

Better Call Saul is set before the events of Breaking Bad; Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman’s adventures, but the series are catching up to the scenes where Saul Goodman story continues after Breaking Bad ends.

Writer Peter Goul has teased of upcoming episodes of the show saying:

 “You’re going to see some stuff that’s going to look very familiar in a delightful way.”

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See the full trailer for the upcoming season above. Better Call Saul returns for a fourth season on August 6 on AMC.

So excited for these new episodes!

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