Betty’s Ponytail On Riverdale Has A Secret Meaning

Whether you are a devoted Riverdale watcher or you are just a fan of the comic books, there is no way you haven’t noticed Betty’s iconic ponytail. I mean with her hair always so shiny and buttery blond how can you not. But, apparently, that ponytail hides some dark clues and has much more deeper meaning that we all believed.

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According to Lili Reinhart who plays Betty, the fans should focus more on her ponytail because it’s an indicator of the character’s mental state. “When it comes to having her hair down or lower, like a lower pony, it’s usually reflective of her mental state,” said Reinhart.

It actually means the character is becoming darker and more complicated.


The 21-year-old actress is showing the emotional state of Betty through her appearance. For episode 5 of the season, Black Hood, she wore her hair down on purpose.

“It was important to me that by the end of the episode, Betty’s hair was completely down, just because that perky girl next door façade was gone and faded and hollowed out. That’s why I had a low pony and a low bun in that episode, because she wasn’t putting in any effort into her appearance. She obviously had bigger fish to fry in the moment,” said Reinhart.


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And that’s not everything. According to the Cleveland-born actress, you can tell a lot about how Betty is felling in going through even though her makeup choices.

“She gets a little darker, a little more made up. I think maybe that’s to compensate her breakup with Jug, or her trying to figure out her own sexuality and why that she did the dance,” said Reinhart.

And we all remember that shocking striptease scene that Betty performed, don’t we?

Source: Diply