12 Bewildering Photos That Will Befuddle And Bemuse You

Ah, the Internet is truly a magical place! It’s full of wacky, weird and whimsical stuff that is so confusing, you could spend an eternity wondering how people come up with these things and still find no answer to this conundrum. It’s got to a point where it’s actually difficult to be surprised anymore: you sort of learn to expect the unexpected and just accept that people are strange. Here are 12 photos of really weird things, courtesy of Diply.

1. Vegans, man. They keep coming up with more efficient ways to tell the world that they are vegans!


Source: Reddit | I_Am_Orlando

2. OMG, at second glance it looks like there’s a dog’s head on a dog’s body!


Source: Reddit | macadamiamin

3. Soooo… Someone is living underground, and this was the only way to ventilate the bathroom?


Source: Reddit | inu_yasha

4. By purchasing this ice cream you agree that all your personal information might be shared with third parties


Source: Reddit | Pelvic_Pinochle

5. BuT I wAntEd A poPsIclE tHaT loOKed LiKe SpOnGebOb…


Source: Reddit | memearonimacaroni

6. Hmm… product design fail or product design win?


Source: Reddit | Burbanos

7. What are you doing, man? Everyone knows you play golf with a shuttlecock and a cricket bat!


Source: Reddit | AbadyJif

8. What a great idea for a spy flick! Imagine James Bond keeping sensitive information on a USB stick hidden in his dentures!


Source: Reddit | BraveMage

9. What the hell is this weird obsession with avocado?! It’s bloody everywhere!


Source: Reddit | majesticbirdy

10. The giant pigeon prototype was developed by the Japanese. Careful not to anger it – it can shoot lasers from its eyes!



Source: Reddit | qwer1627

11. Any Doctor Who fans out there? Tell me that the first thing you thought of wasn’t an Ood!


Source: Reddit | inu_yasha

12. It’s forbidden to pee on a piece of toast, unless it’s being recorded and then uploaded on YouTube?! What a strange rule!


Source: Reddit | ChildishGiant
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