Beyonce and Ed Sheeran’s Outfit Choices Onstage Sparked Gender Discussion On The Internet

One of the best performances of this year happened last Sunday night. Beyonce and Jay-Z closed out the Global Citizen Festival. The show was held in Johannesburg, South Africa and according to Billboard, other than the couple, there were many other stars such as Ed Sheeran and Oprah Winfrey:

The ecstatic reception given to The Carters when they finally took to the stage at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium confirmed what everyone knew in the months leading up to marathon 10-hour event: the couple’s first-ever South African performance was the real drawcard for those local music fans who took part in the 5.65M social media actions calling on world leaders to commit to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Singer Ed Sheeran joined Beyonce on stage and they performed a live version of “Perfect Duet” from Sheeran’s album Divide. Now, naturally, the performance went smoothly and perfect. Both of them delivered a perfect night, you would think nothing went wrong? Well, not on stage anyways.

Beyonce wore a long, beautiful, pink dress and Ed wore a simple outfit which seemed to have bothered people. The outfits sparked quite a few debates online. User GalricMeg posted:

I get this. Even tho I appreciate good musicians in normal clothes the double standard is ridiculous… what is expected of female vs male artists.

People who are saying Bey’s style is her style and Ed’s is his r naive to think industry expectations didn’t have any bearing in their deliberate early image formation. Bottom line- men can stand more on their hard work and talent alone while women often have to 10/10 everything.

To which people responded:

People have lots of different opinions, some defended Sheeran’s outfit claiming he can wear whatever he wants. And others simply saw no point to the whole thing. User LindiOrtega said:

I see two artist who are wearing outfits that represent them. Ed is being Ed and Beyonce is being her fabulous self. Why impose gender double standard where there is none. You think Beyonce lets anyone tell her what to do?

After many tweets, comments, and shares one person found a solution which he posted on his Twitter.

Now it looks perfect, doesn’t it?

A few people seemed to be offended because Ed stood alongside Beyonce wearing a t-shirt and jeans which is absolutely not acceptable. Twitter user shonfaye wrote: “The fact we’ve enabled him to feel it’s ok to dress like this at all, let alone next to Beyonce really boils my piss.”

To which someone responded back.

beyonce ed sheerans outfit gender discussion

Others accepted that this was how both artists represented themselves and it is completely fine.

beyonce ed sheerans outfit gender discussion

If the singers gave a performance which was out of their style and what they are known for, that would have been an issue as well. You don’t see Ed Sheeran wearing a dress or Beyonce wearing jeans (not as far as I have seen) while performing.

beyonce ed sheerans outfit gender discussion

Of course, many shared their own version of how they saw their outfits.

You have to agree with this tweet though.

On the other hand, what’s most important is that their performance was fantastic. Their voices are amazing and what they are wearing doesn’t really matter as long as their music is good.

Source: ET Canada

What did you guys think of their outfits? Which side are you on?

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