Is Your Birthday Coming Up? This Fat Unicorn Cake Is The Only Cake You Will Need

Unicorns are majestic, elegant, mystical fairytale creatures. They are real, oh very real. And who doesn’t love cakes? But guess what’s better than a cake? A unicorn cake! That’s right it’s all rainbows and sunshine and glitters and one fat happy unicorn that will make any occasion a little more magical.

The fat unicorn cakes are made by Choco Frutas by Lissy which is a bakery in Puerto Rico, and Theresa Täubrich of Crazy Sweets who are incredibly talented bakers and they give the whole unicorn cake a whole new meaning. The cakes are a big hit understandably, they are gaining popularity and also they are popping up at numerous bakeries. I mean how can they not; those blissed-out creatures are something that is highly relatable to most of us. Except, they just look 100% cutter than humans.

The original cake was made by Theresa Täubrich of Crazy Sweets in Passedorf, Germany who told Romper. “I started the fat unicorn trend. When I published this cake on my FB Fan Page, it was shared with all pictures more than 1000 times.” And we are so glad that she did.

Thanks to 9Gag, we all get to enjoy them.


Normal unicorn cakes might be great and everything but these cakes are simply amazing. Plus, they are missing a bite that was taken by the adorable fat unicorn.


Perfect for birthdays, even adult get-togethers.


Also, this cake is cute-as-hell, and I wouldn’t want any other cake for my birthday.


Those unicorns are in a “food coma” and I would be too if I get my hands on one of these incredibly tasty looking cakes.


Source: 9Gag