20 Bizarre And Completely Crazy Makeup Hacks

There are so many helpful people on the Internet when it comes to makeup tips and tutorials. You can learn everything you’ll ever need to know (and a lot of things you don’t really need), you can find alternate solutions for when you don’t have a certain product or tool handy, and you can discover easier and simpler ways to achieve the desired effect. There is a lot of creativity involved in the invention of these methods and techniques which, of course, results in some of them being quite strange and unexpected. I mean, you’d never think to use your shoe to apply foundation, and yet someone somewhere in the world did. Here are 20 bizarre makeup “hacks”, courtesy of Diply.

1. Why spend money on a makeup sponge, when you have a couple of perfectly good ones in your old padded bra?


Source: Instagram | @hudabeauty

2. Trouble contouring? Use a fork!


Source: Instagram | @hudabeauty

3. Just when you thought people finally forgot about fidget spinners, they pop up in a makeup hack list!


Source: Instagram | @jamescharles

4. Put a plastic bag on your head when you’re dressing and you won’t get makeup on your clothes!


Source: Twitter | @_evamariie

5. You want plumper lips but don’t want a cosmetic surgery? Use some wasabi!


Source: Instagram | @farahdhukai

6. All you need for perfect eyebrows is… a bar of soap?


Source: Instagram | @anastaciabeverlyhills

7. Why wait for your nail polish to set when you can do it super quickly under a stream of ice-cold water?


Source: Imgur

8. Beauty Blenders are overrated! Use a cleaning sponge instead!


Source: Instagram | @shanu.suresh

9. Might be cheaper to buy new brushes. Unless you have hundreds of them in which case 50 bucks is not nearly enough to pay for all that trouble!


Source: Twitter | @Evettexo

10. I mean, I’m no hairstylist, but wouldn’t using a curling iron be much simpler?


Source: Instagram | @tani_garcha

11. Balloons aren’t just for birthday parties – they can be used to apply makeup as well!


Source: Thrifty Fun

12. You don’t like your hairline? Use some matte eyeshadow to fix it!


Source: Instagram | @klumsyclosett

13. Kinder Surprise eggs make for excellent Beauty Blender containers


Source: Instagram | @brieisabelcarter

14. Now brace yourself cause we’re heading into really bizarre makeup-application-tools territory. First up: the boiled egg.


Source: Instagram | @houseofsienna

15. Make sure you don’t waste your beautiful glittery Christmas ornaments by hanging them on your tree. You can apply your makeup with them as well!


Source: Instagram | @sadiaslayy

16. “Look how rich I am, I’m using my $500 Louboutins to apply makeup!” How about investing some money in makeup sponges?


Source: Instagram | @sadiaslayy

17. When you don’t have any setting powder handy, some baby powder will do the job!


Source: YouTube | Kelsey Alfred

18. After you’re done applying foundation with your shoes, use a stack of $100 bills to make sure you contour your face to perfection!


Source: Instagram | @sadiaslayy

19. But if you don’t have money to waste, then just use your favorite book!


Source: Instagram | @sadiaslayy

20. Did you know that cocoa powder can be used for contouring? As an added bonus, it will also smell nice!


Source: Instagram | @miriammarroquinn
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