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25-Year-Old Calls Out Blac Chyna For Using Her Before And After Weight Loss Pics On Instagram

Seems like Blac Chyna has set her foot in some fire again. A 25-year-old TV presenter from London has recently called Chyna out for using pictures of her to promote weight loss supplements on Instagram.

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Jourdan Robson-Lawrence, who appeared on a TV show named MTV Beach Body SOS said that one day she got messages from her friends telling her she was featured on Blac Chyna’s Instagram page. The post is now deleted but the Londoner could be seen on a post that linked through to another account that is associated with weight-loss in the caption.

The account Chyna linked to was named @2018fitness_ and has since been deleted.

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The link in the bio of the account immediately took users to a viral story written by Suzanna Pischner who doesn’t have a presence online apart being associated with these products. On the site, she encourages viewers to buy the slimming pills with some before and after pics.

Blac Chyna

“Throughout the whole day, people kept tagging me in Blac Chyna’s picture,” Robson-Lawrence said.


In order to make Chyna to delete the post, Robson-Lawrence made her 17,000 followers to leave comments underneath Chyna’s picture to delete the before-after image.

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“People are so impressionable these days especially from what they see on social media…. My biggest thing is staying true to myself. It’s so easy to go out there and get surgery to look a certain way. There’s so much pressure to keep up with appearances,” she said.

She added: “I wanted to show people you can eat [well], exercise and get the body that you want without doing those things not that I have anything against people doing that [surgery].”

But after everything, Robson-Lawrence doesn’t blame Chyna for the post:

“It’s obviously not her fault, she doesn’t sit there and vent out whether these pictures are legitimate or if these have gone through that process.”

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She went on to say: “Given the fact she probably would have been paid for it and had seen the comments telling her to remove it, common curiosity would want you to message that person and say, ‘Sorry, I had no idea’. I just know how I would behave in that situation.”

According to her, the real fault lies with the company:

“The company itself that she was promoting – it was weight loss pills and supplements: ‘You take these for a certain amount of days and you can get the body that you want,’ and it’s really upsetting because I worked my backside off to shed weight just for it to be completely disregarded in that way and used in that nature it was offensive,” she said.

She also posted screenshots of the interactions she had with the company:

How TF is @BLACCHYNA using my before and after pic to advertise this next company. TF

She said: “I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting them to reply in the way they did and there was no remorse and they told me they would continue to use my images”.

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