Black Cosplayer Is Nailing The #28DaysOfBlackCosplay Challenge With Some Of The Best Looks

As a way to celebrate Black History Month, people have turned to social media participating in the #28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge.

The hashtag which aims to break down racism in the cosplay community first started a few years ago by popular cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch. The challenge also promotes equality and inclusion for everyone who is interested in cosplay, but most importantly, for people of color who feel unwelcome. 

Now, years later, people are still chiming in on the hashtag, including Instagram star, Kiera Please who is participating in the challenge which was created by fellow cosplayer, Chaka. 

Her transformations have triggered many reactions on social media, and her ability to transform in either Anime or American cartoons is inspiring people. The 21-year-old from Virginia can pretty much transform in any character she wants.

From Hermione Granger from “Harry Poter” to Lottie person from “Snotgirl,” today we’re sharing some of her best works.

1. Melpomene From Hercules

2. Kida Nedakh From Atlantis: The Lost Empire

3. Hermione From Harry Potter

4. Nani Pelekai From Lilo & Stitch

5. Beret Girl From An Extremely Goofy Movie

6. Chel From The Road To El Dorado

7. Garnet From Steven Universe

8. Korra From The Legend Of Korra

9. Sadness From Inside Out

10. Doodlebob From Spongebob

11. Lana Kane From Archer

12. Storm From X-Men

13. Louise Belcher From Bob’s Burgers

14. Tzipporah From The Prince Of Egypt

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge

15. Penny Proud From The Proud Family

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge

16. Stevonnie From Steven Universe

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge

17. Lottie Person From Snotgirl

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge

18. Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay challenge

It’s incredible how she nailed every single one of these characters. And how amazing is her Sadness cosplay from Inside Out!!! Frankly, the only character I could nail would be Penny Proud, Louise Belcher, or anyone that doesn’t include extreme makeup skills. Okay, anyone that doesn’t include makeup at all. What about you?

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