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Check Out This $5 Blackheads-Melting Mask That Will Help Clear Your Pores

Check Out This $5 Blackheads-Melting Mask That Will Help Clear Your Pores

Are you struggling with blackheads? This common uncomfortable skin condition can be annoying as heck, but contrary to common belief, is neither complicated nor expensive to get rid of.

What if we told you there is a beauty treatment for blackheads that won’t cost you more than $5? ThisIsInsider shares the story of an approach that has yielded better results than the classical peel-off pore strips.

Bye, bye blackheads?

Beauty aficionado Fei Yang who is the person behind the popular hey its feiii Youtube channel shared a review of the Etude House Lemon Soda Blackhead Dual Kit –  a product that retails for only $4.90 on YesStyle.

The 23-year-old K-pop fanatic first applies a blackhead melting strip, which she leaves on for 15 minutes.

She then takes a cotton swab and proceeds to wipe away any sebum that has come to the surface. The reverse side of the swab features a plastic loop that can be pressed down over severely clogged pores to remove dead skin cells and sebum.

The Michigan State University graduate then applies the pore-tightening sheet before giving her nose one last swipe with the cotton swab.

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Watch her full review below:

If you don’t mind seeing the damn things pop, you need to see this.

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