Blake Lively Is Making A New Scripted Fashion-Focused TV Series For Amazon

Blake Lively is working on a new TV series for Amazon, which is going to revolve around the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the fashion industry nowadays. In a nutshell, for all the “Gossip Girl” fans, this is basically going to be “Gossip Girl 2.0” containing even more drama and romance. Is that even possible?

According to reports, one thing that is going to distinct the new TV series from “Gossip Girl” is it containing a strong ‘merchandising component.” This means that many from the jaw-dropping outfits which will be featured on the show can be purchased on Amazon’s website. So, one more reason to watch it.

Although Amazon is not giving away any spoilers, reportedly Blake Lively won’t be starring in the series. She will only be producing new gen of stars.

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When making the announcement at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit held this year, Jennifer Salke, the chief of Amazon Studios said: “I told business affairs I’m going to do this. [Lively] is in Rome, asleep. She’ll wake up to it. 

When talking about Lively, Salke compared her to nature’s forces and used words as ‘ambitious, smart and talented’ when describing her traits. She even compared Lively to Nicole Kidman, who went from actor to in-demand producer.

Blake Lively has been working as a producer for more than a year. Her first film production was the film adaption of Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret.

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When speaking for Glamour, Lively said that involving more women producers in the film industry would help in attaining equality in the entertainment industry. She said that there are many great producers who look forward to telling stories about women, and there are different reasons behind their films. “Nobody’s going to fight for you as much as you fight for yourself. That said, I know a lot of great men—directors, producers, studio heads—looking to tell stories about women, some because they’re drawn to those stories, some because they’re husbands or fathers and want to see the women in their life represented more accurately, and some just because they look at the numbers. She added: “They see, ‘Wonder Woman has replaced religion in America. We should probably invest in female summer movies.'” 

Can’t wait for some more drama and romance!

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