Blake Lively Posts ‘Makeup Free’ Selfie And Confuses Her Fans

Whether you like it or not, makeup is a serious tool in transforming someone’s appearance. Those wonderful makeup products can really make a difference in how a person looks on the outside, and hey can also be used in the movie industry to achieve special effects. It’s time-consuming, but a regular routine, especially for celebrities, who have to look perfect every single day. Recently, however, many famous people are embracing the no makeup look and post pictures of themselves wearing no makeup on the social media. One star made fun of the no makeup look by posting a seemingly makeup-free photo on her Instagram account and confused everyone. Too bad that some fans could not get Blake Lively’s beautiful sense of humor with her post.


Goin all natural can be indeed empowering and beautiful. A lot of celebrities have done it publically. And there you have the 30-year-old actress Blake Lively, on the other hand, who went “au natural” on Instagram. Her photo confused some of her 18.9 million followers. For others, it was obvious that she was being sarcastic.

Just a little #makeupfree selfie to round out the year. #2007 #aunaturale 😳

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The caption to the photo reads “Just a little #makeupfree selfie to round out the year. #2007 #aunaturale.” However, she is wearing makeup and the picture had also been retouched. Blake was once again making one of her well-known sarcastic jokes. But the problem with sarcasm on the internet is that some people will never get it.  Like these users for example, who commented:

“I can clearly see her lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara. What is she talking about?”

Another one was even explaining her makeup in detail: “You were born with pink lipstick and black eye liner and tan blush ? Mmmm.”

A third one added: “LOL. Since when is Mascara, Eyeliner, Foundation, and lipstick, makeup free!!??”


Thankfully, others got the joke, and helped the rest of the confused ones.

“You guys know she was obviously being sarcastic right?? My god is everyone that stupid? Clearly she was poking fun of herself in the pic & the hashtags. People learn sarcasm.. please.”

That was pretty harsh, but straightforward.

“If you think Blake is being serious then I feel really f’n bad for you because you’re seriously lacking in the humour department.”

Meanwhile, one user understood the joke, but didn’t find it funny.

“I know she’s just being sarcastic but this can really put someone down if they don’t realize. Beauty is on the inside. Everyone needs to know that.”


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It seems like many people decided to take the post too seriously. Blake and her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, regularly troll each other on social media. Recently, Blake posted a picture of Ryan’s terrible Christmas cookies, saying that he made those but he was still handsome. Hilarious! Don’t ever take celebrities too seriously. They are just like us!

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